Like Learning To Ride A Bike!

On Friday of last week my husband decided to teach our 6 year old how to ride a bike without training wheels. We all knew the time was coming, he was the only kid who rode his bike to school with training wheels, and had a few years of experience under his belt, hey it was time for the next level.

But whoever thought that when we go to the next level in any area of our lives it takes some getting used to and those around us tend to need a little more patience with us when we are learning something new. For instance when you start a new job, you need time to get used to the new surrounding and learn the way the company does things, when you have children there’s  period of adjusting to a new life. In every area of yours and my life we have seasons that are just like my son had this week.. Learning to do something new, it’s different and can be a little frustrating as you get broken in..

Well, it was quite confusing for me for one… I’m used to walking with him to school and not having to pad him up.. Now he needs all these arm pads and knee pads and gloves.. and he didn’t need that before.. But now we need more protection.. because we are going into a season of unknown and learning!

 This morning, after days of practicing, he still needed more time, see he had been getting used to practicing in open areas where he did not have to focus on keeping the bike on a path and now he had to really focus.. Side Walk! Side Walk Son! I kept telling him and the more he tried to stay on the side walk the more he seemed to get distracted by wanting to try so hard..
I read a scripture something like that.. When Paul talks about the thing he wants to do he finds himself unable to do.. and the thing he doesn’t want to do he does naturally and he talked about the one who would deliver him through time and a process he would submit to of sanctification!

We all have areas that we need to perfect the will of God in.. We all have areas we have to keep trying in and if we do not give up, if we do not faint because it’s hard and sometimes challenging we’ll see in the end.. We’ll win! We’ll perfect the things we keep setting out to get right every day!


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