Perfect Love!

“Perfect Love Cast Our Fear!” What does that mean to you! Many of us tell our spouses, children, special someone’s we love them, even family members sometimes… I wonder if we ever stop to think of what that means. What does “Perfect Love” This love that comes from God look like.
If I truly love my spouse like I say, is my love based on conditions!! I love you, but if you do this or if you don’t do that then my love for you will diminish. If so can this love be called “perfect love” or love at all.. When it is based on conditions.. See, we live in the culture of pre-nups…(Just incase we don’t work out… I want to keep all MY stuff) We live in a society where we are trying it out first (living together before marriage) testing the waters…( let’s see how good you are in bed before I can know if I want to marry you and spend my life with you) but is this perfect love.. All of these are conditions in case you hadn’t noticed.. But whoever loves without conditions in our time?? God alone.. or do I have some lovers of God in the house!
When we say that we love our children…. what type of love do we mean? I’ve heard of parents who love their children until they get pregnant outside of marriage then they disown them. I’ve seen parents who love their children until they disobey them, then they get one upside the head and mama and daddy treat you like the enemy for a couple of days.. keeping secrets and calling it love.. Well, is that really “perfect love” I mean the kind God is talking about in His word..
When we say to our relatives that we love them, siblings and parents, and all those kin to us… What do we mean by that.. It’s become something nice to say when we hang up the phone but we sure get stingy when they come over and we don’t want to share our food and they can’t touch our best dolls on the cabinet..
We’ve mastered loving and being more loyal to things than people.. Don’t put conditions on your love..
Because there is love that came for us, He was humbled to a sinners cross, He bore our shame and sinfulness… He rose again victorious.. And He (Jesus) says, If we are going to love, We must love without fear, without intimidation and when we give something to someone, we should not expect them to give us something back in return the act in itself is a return.. I think to myself.. Whoever loves like this.. Whoever loved the driver who cut them off, whoever loved the person who persecuted them and treated them wrong on the job, we care about one thing in our culture.. Ourselves.. and how it is we might get even with the one who has hurt us.. I think we have growing to do.. Even in the church.. and then we would be the light that draws and not the light that scares away!


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