“Narrow is the road that leads to LIFE and few find it!” ~Jesus!

Over the last 3 nights in a row, we have gotten hard rain.. Yesterday it carried over into the day and the thunder was horrifying and the lightening over night lit the whole house even as if it were day time. You know, I thought, if I were not crazy I’d think that God could actually turn night time into day time if He wanted to. How amazing would that be!

When I sat at my study early this morning a horrific sound sounded as if it were coming from the sky and hitting the floor right next to me.. It was So Loud and So scary, I jumped and turned around thinking to myself.. Lord Jesus what are you up to here!

I don’t know if you heard but there have been houses in Texas that have been struck by this same thunder and started to burn.. It makes to start questioning and hesitating on anything you think you can control. Yes, we live in a nice comfortable house today and I have the washing machine running right now I expect to hear that sound, the sound of clothes being cleaned.. Hmm what a sweet sound. But what if in the midst of all of that something horrific happened, something I could not control.. Something terrible in the sight of every human.. A disaster.. Like what the people faced in Haiti about 3 years ago.. As life is going along things happen that are completely out of our control. Katrina hurricane’s happen and they cause a shifting like when I jumped fearing for my life in a moment while I was studying.. I did not expect my children to remain asleep through all this… but all night and all morning… Nothing but thunder/lightening… and painfully wondering… when it will stop.. Just like I had no control of when it started I have no control over when it will stops and I will have to just sit here and wait it out.

This morning, I was watching on the news about a man who is a muslim, they suspect he is in New York, they said he is wanted by the police because he killed his 2 teenage daughters because they were dating men who were not muslims and it was called An “Honor Killing”… I bowed my head for a moment mourning those girls… How does this relate to my subject on control.. This man just knew if he could not control what his daughters did, he could control if they lived, so he took a gun to their heads and killed his own flesh and blood.. Scary thought right… A man, killing his own daughters… In  our day in age we have married couples who have been married years and all of a sudden one kills the other because they could not control the other.. This is scary stuff because we have to let go of this control mechanism, myself included… We have to stop wanting everything and everyone to go and do exactly what our will is for them, but learn to love as God does.. While I was not sure if I would die this morning with this bad weather… I knew God’s love was real and that if I called on Him He would still hear me, even if I were smack dab in the middle of a storm.. Do you believe that in the area you want to control, God is not only there, but He loves you and if you call on Him He will hear you.. and not only that… deliver you through, or out of it!?


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