Last Day Of Kindergarten

Today was officially my son’s last day of Kindergarten… I know, I know, it shouldn’t be that big of a deal right. I know there are people who have children graduating from college, high school, even middle school, there are some people whose children were not even fortunate enough to see the end of this school year, bless their souls…

But this for me was a time to remember.. more than lots of my friends.. Most people aren’t as involved and for those who are, they will understand what I mean.. This means shift for me too.. you see I am the one who had to wake him up every morning, and make sure he was ready and make sure he had his back pack, never quite remembered to do the morning task on his own..LOL! But I was there to tell him… and walking him to school on his little bike with my little princess on the days we had to bundle up and on the days we had to carry umbrella’s sitting to eat lunch with him every week and packing up his sandwiches, helping him with homework and everything that went into this school year fills my heart right now.. I will be honest when the teacher sent that picture with my son and that sweet little note.. I was almost a little misty eyed..

When it comes to the end of anything, it always means change.. and although sometimes change is fun, most of the time it is very challenging!

This means for everyone in KevilynJ’s house that change is coming and we will have to adapt again.. It will be lots of fun because we’ve got so much to look for, but at the beginning of the year this is the day we look forward to yet when it arrives we have to sit back and bask in the moment thinking.. How did we get here so soon and ….wait, am I ready for this!! What a privilege to be able to have done with him all the things I did, all the teacher/parent conferences, and assemblies and how special it was that his daddy also made his presence known on the first day and felt for every meeting..

Now as we close anything we reflect and what do you do.. A little sigh of relief as we lift our hands and say.. We made it.. Thank you Lord.. Year K…. out of many more..Step 1


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