An Interview with God The Most High

Consider with me in your imagination.. Today, when you went out to check your mail, you saw the mail man walking up to you with a telegram in his hand, it was very elegant even in the outside. … the words tastefully written in that pretty writing only the rich can afford to send mail with..

You know even before you open it that this is something nice, Normally people don’t waste time sending a postman to your door to deliver something that is not addressed directly to you with a purpose and intent.. In other words… You have no doubt, this is not junk mail.. it’s something you want to see..

So you go and sit down on your comfy little sofa in your ordinary house and when you open it a little hesitant thinking to yourself, the envelope itself is beautiful enough, how about I just keep this.. and you open it slowly as not to tear off too much of it, you make your knife suddenly become a letter opener..

When you see it, it’s an invitation… It’s the President, he wants to meet with you..The President of the United States wants to come to your house and whether you like him or not, he’s bringing sufficient power so that you will honor him or be penalized and you begin to think.. Well, I guess I’ll vacuum, take the liquor I can offer him a shot or something… You start thinking, but the last thing you think of is to invite him to come to know The Creator of all the earth.. The things we think up when we are here in this world… What would have been the most important thing you could have talked to him about.. You know how many people wish to have an audience with the president and yet he has chosen to meet with you personally!

Now let’s go beyond that.. The God of the universe… He’s been eying you quite awhile, He’s had a secret service of angels following you, protecting you, healing you, providing for you all at His command and finally He decides to use another soul to come up to you and tell you about Him.. And they say to you.. “God wants a moment of your time.. Yes, the God of the Universe, Maker of heaven and earth, He’d like to know if your free to meet with Him, will you vacuum your floors and clean out your fridge will you offer Him dinner..

As I was reading in Genesis 18 I see an interested thing, God comes down looking like a man, he wants to meet with Abraham and He brings His secret service, 2 angels.. He is talking to Abraham just like anyone else would, holding a conversation not about their relationship but other personal things.. The fact that He was going to give Abraham a child soon and a date and time when it would happen… I could have fallen out when I saw the audience Abraham took up with God as He surveyed him and his wife laughs when He gives a word.. and he hears her thoughts and knows whats in her heart and She is the one He interviews… Why did you laugh He asks??? and Sarah lies to God… but amazingly He didn’t strike her down.. When God commands an interview with you, you won’t get around it, even if it’s in a tent, and your standing behind Him and He is not looking directly at you, you feel the probing the questioning taking place in your heart.. Is He welcomed to interview you and you tell Him the whole truth about yourself so that He can rightly heal you and prepare you for what He just said He would do!


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