Learn to Live!

In a world like the one we live in… Can we not define living as many things?? We can define living as driving a Mercedes and own a mini mansion. We can define living as climbing the corporate ladder, or maybe having those thing plus the 2.5 kids, maybe we define living as a great marriage with lots of friends all around us.. Although some people define living in a physical sense there are others who have spiritual sense but meet their goals in the physical only because of a greater purpose…
Here’s my point, there’s nothing wrong with having a mini mansion, nothing At All wrong with driving a Benz, as a matter of fact I wish I could sit here and say I drive one, but I’m comfy in my Toyota, and I will say that whatever car I drive is a Benz in my eyes because I realize the spiritual value of those things is zero unless somehow I can use my wealth in any way to be a portal of blessing for someone else… Do you see the difference… If you just want the stuff, just so you could have more toys to show off…. It’s not worth it..

Earlier this year I bought my son a scooter, he had begged me for that scooter, he was seeing the children around his school on those scooters and suddenly he just had to have a scooter, but when he got it and my daughter got the bike.. it wasn’t long before he realized that the scooter did not fulfill him… it was like he wanted it sooo bad until he had the chance to experience it, then all of a sudden it wasn’t worth it and he wanted a bike almost immediately, and while I got upset with him because I felt he should have been more thankful.. I thought to myself, isn’t this the way the world works.. even me.. I bought a new cell phone not even a year ago, it was a smartphone, by the way I never thought I needed to have a smart phone, there was simply no use for it, I could make my calls and do my texting and I certainly didn’t need to pay anyone for a data plan.. Well, when I got it, I was almost in a sense hooked.. And not even a year later I was buying another one because that one no longer appeased me.. Well, you see the same thing happened with my son, when I got him the bike a few months later on his birthday, he even realized after awhile that got old and he wanted a skateboard.. there’s always this burning desire to want something more.. The thing we love most we get it and then all of a sudden.. it’s not that.. It’s something we realize we didn’t want nor need.. Many people for instance say, once I have children and I’ve graduated from college and I’ve got this degree and I’ve gotten this marriage or this house, well, then my life will be set and I’ll be able to go anywhere I want and do anything I want.. But then these things happen and you realize one day when your getting up going to that job and either you have no peace on it or your boss isn’t treating you right, or the mundane things just take away it’s meaning.. You start saying to yourself.. This wasn’t even worth it, there has got to be something more than this..
There is.. The life that is most abundant is not the one that is found in things or people, they will get old, need to be replaced or repaired, but the thing that allows you and I both to live will always be found on another plane and when we realize that our need for things and people will grow strangely dim because we know that them without the main ingredient equals disappointment and chaos!

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