Guarding The Heart….

Today, I think it’s imperative to deal with an issue we don’t get around to much.. This issue should be addressed at some point in the life of every human being. Because every person I know living on this earth has something called a heart. This is the place where all the life issues we face flow from. What is in our hearts also determined how we think about things, places and people and also what we do and say to them and about them.. Therefore when the heart is in a good place everything else will be at peace..
It is when the heart has been reprogrammed to believe the right things that right thoughts can come out of the mind and words..

Herein we can see why our hearts are so important and they ought to be guarded at all times and at all cost.

This has been something great to go through and learn every day.. Don’t let things get in that should stay out.. Like anger, unforgiveness, bitterness, resentment and hopelessness.. Some people are far more depressed than they are ever joyful because they haven’t gotten this one thing right…
Always remember out of the essence of your heart your character is formed.. Let’s work on keeping our hearts right today!


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