VBS 2012

Sometimes I wonder if there’s anyone out there like me…

I looked forward to summer for many reasons and one of them was… Vacation Bible School! I loved it, because I was always a “Jesus Freak” Now that’s not to say I have ever been perfect in any way shape form or fashion.. As a matter of fact I have been far from perfect, but thank God for His grace, He has still loved me, despite what I have acted like.

    I loved answering all the questions about the bible so I could win all the prices. Oh it was the coolest thing in the world. I remember that.. Now today, I love my kids in VBS but yesterday I did something different. I volunteered for it.. and well, honestly… It was liberating! It felt so good to be giving back to something I so wholeheartedly loved as a kid myself.. My son absolutely adores VBS that let’s me know one thing..”he’s just like his mama” but more than that now for me, it has become about just rejoicing in people teaching about God and learning all at the same time.. It’s like God isn’t the entire thing, but they get Him in there pretty good..LOL!
What about you? Have you ever been to Vacation Bible School? Every year in every city, some churches dread it because the church gets filled with people while other places absolutely look forward to an opportunity to pour life into us.. We have so many other things poured into us so much of the time, now we need to have something good.. I love the fact that it gets my children away from the television and their summer vacation is not spent at home doing nothing.. You know having children or not,  I could not just sit at home, I have to be moving.. we need to go to walmart, we need to be at the library, we need to go to chuckie cheeses it’s just too boring to sit at home all day, a few hours there is okay, but when the sun is shining outside.. and it’s beautiful why not get out and go somewhere.. today it was to VBS and next week it will be the same thing and I have got to tell you, I am excited about it! Whoo hoo!


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