One Verse!

This morning I took my little one’s to the library… it’s always my default place, favorite place for my kids since I have read to them from a very early age.

When we got there there was a little girl who came and wanted to watch Aniah’s puppet show. Honestly I was hoping to get a couple of minutes in, do a little reading and all.. but that was out of the question.. I was on the JOB!

When Aniah had finished her show, the little girl wanted to join her and the man who was with the girl game and sat by me.. he was her grandfather, and he began to completely brag on his grand daughter to me, which was a perfect tactic.. he began to let her hear him praise her to me. I thought to myself.. Ok! now you know I really didn’t sit here to hear you tell me all about how wonderful your grand daughter is and all she can do, but for respect purposes. being called to love as Christ loves, I allowed it.. He doted over how she could read and she was only 5 years old and how she was the most gentle and kind person he knew and here attitude was so beautiful. He bragged on how smart she was saying she would be in the 95% of people who do well, he really thinks she will graduate in the top of her class and go on to do something great!

While for a moment this was becoming extremely annoying and the truth is I wanted to get up and walk away, I began to think to myself.. Is this man serious?? Does this little girl who is actually younger than my son, know how to read and do all this he is saying??
He called her over so that she could demonstrate to me that she really could do it! I was in utter shock when the little girl really was “reading on a third grade level” in kindergarten like her grandfather had been bragging the entire time.. I was thinking… what does he mean, “She’s so gentle and loving” Will someone slap him back to planet earth, no child is by nature gentle and loving… However if they are well trained.. I don’t put it past them.. they do what they are trained to do or untrained to do.. this I know!
Well, as I listened to her read I thought to myself.. So you mean it’s actually possible for my children to read this good… at their ages and to be as smart as little whipper snappers.

He began to tell me how much time he invest in her, teaching her since she was very small and he said ironically he loved every moment of it, he talked about how he loved kids and how from the time she was 2 months old she always slept through the night and I thought to myself.. Impossible! But his tactic was awesome.. Here it is… we are sitting here and he’s talking knowing this little girl is listening, and listen at what he is saying about her to me.. He’s talking about her good qualities, and sure she has bad.. but he is not zero’d in on those, all he wants her to know is that he sees the best in her..

I could use that a lot more…I don’t use it as much as I should.. After all whoever gets on the phone or sits around with other adults not to talk about their problems but to dote on the job they are doing raising healthy children who are smart and successful.
He said something that struck my attention..
She started out learning to read, by reading the bible!
I base my life on this one scripture.. I stake every thing on it..
“I CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST WHO STRENGTHENS ME!” He quoted off to me “Philippians 4:13 and I was amazed.. thinking to myself.. Wow! You mean all this is found in one truth sitting right under my nose.. All this can come from a mindset.. You mean I don’t have to have the attitude of HULK: “DON’T GET ME ANGRY, YOU WON’T LIKE ME WHEN I’M ANGRY!” What a breath of fresh air.. He got all this, from a scripture.. On top of that.. One verse, you have got to be kidding me..
But you know the truth of God’s word is that powerful… Only one verse that’s all it takes if you get the true revelation of what it means it can change your life.. If you do everything you do for the glory of God knowing that you can do all things through Christ, it will turn out successful…. Every time!


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