Transitioning From Stay at home mom to working mom!

I have missed blogging most, but I have been journaling as much as I possibly can. This week has been a huge one. I have began a new job…. Yup! I am no longer classified a stay at home mom on the mission field of my own home with my little one’s and there may not be any more days of walking them to school so to be privileged to have those days is a tremendous blessing I will always be thankful for.

I started working Monday and thankfully my little one’s are used to day school..

So, I know your big question is about my transition How do I feel about being a working mom?? It’s true I no longer carry the title I’m a stay at home mom.. because after all only the rich women who have husband’s who go out and bring home the bacon can say such a thing.. And while I do have a husband who is capable of doing that it is no longer a privilege I get to have..

This week is not only my first week of working but about to me my first week I’m coming up on of being a single mom.. Dad and I are separating!

So my life is in a huge transition and I will tell you this is as smooth as it could be.. Anything that happens like this needs to be in this kind of order..It would be bad to have a stay at home mom suddenly have no support and has to fend for herself without a job.. So this in itself is a huge privilege and blessing!

I only covet the prayer of so many because I know that even though the road before me thus far has been smooth it doesn’t mean it won’t be long and it doesn’t mean it will be easy, but with the Lord on my side I know I can do anything.
From waking up each morning, preparing breakfast for my little one’s being able to wait until they sit at the table and eat it to eating in the car on the way to Day School because mama got to go to work.. From taking walks on the trail behind the house to lucky if we get a bath in when we get home from work… Transition can be one of the most challenging places but once I am settled and things have been ordered.. I know that things will work out perfectly and I won’t imagine life any other way.. You see I’m a survivor and one thing I know is that with Jesus on my side everything will be fine.. as long as the great one is living in me taking care of me and providing for me I have nothing, absolutely nothing to fear..

I am very thankful to say I am a working mom.. Just as thankful as I was to be privileged to have stayed home with my little one’s as long as I have.. Now it’s time to fully be committed to another way of living, to be dedicated to making it happen.. knowing I will never be on my own!


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