Build Your Hope on Things Eternal!

Doesn’t the title for this entry boggle the mind? What does that look like right? Building our hope on things unseen. None of us can see what’s in our future.. None of us know what the end of this day will look like. It may look like a visit to the ER it may look like the death of a close relative, it may look like a job promotion or a new house signing to close.. it may look like a new baby in your arms.. but the truth is.. We don’t know and we can’t even be sure what the end of each day will look like.

We walk by this blind faith everyday, that the same bed we get up out of in the morning will be the same one we lay in at night… Not knowing God could allow a fire to happen and we could lose everything in one minute! When we think of building our hope on things that are unseen. Things that are eternal, not temporary, it is cause for a great deal of faith right.. But a faith that is seen by us…It is about being inwardly persuaded of a thing that has not happened yet..

For instance, no one has to tell you to hope for that new car you bought last week to start up when you go outside or to give thanks to God when it does start because it did, one more time. So it is when we place our affections and all of our hope in things like being with Jesus forever in eternity.

The bible talks about a reward… This reward is going to be grand! While I may not see the result for some of my labor here on earth. My job pays me every other week.. I have no problem getting my reward from them.. But if my children will reward me with holy lives faithfully obedient to the word of God.. That I have faith in God for.. When we talk about biblical rewards, we mean that when we get to heaven one day, if we have accepted Christ, for every time we were kind to someone who was mean to us, everytime we held on to the faith we have in God when we were sick and did not know if we would get well..When we looked forward to something greater and it had everything to do with how we behaved in the present, we have built our hopes on things that are eternal. And although we may not have an IRS tax write off for when we are patient, with the person who cut us off, God sees and there’s a reward waiting. When we raise our children and grandchildren pouring God’s love and word into them, there is a reward for us even if we never see one here on earth.. that’s why everything we do, in word thought or deed ought to be done as unto the Lord Himself because He is the one who will reward us in the end.. Build your hope on things eternal!


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