Amazing Effort!

When I was younger I wanted to try out for the track team. I remember the practices after school. They didn’t play, you had to run rain, sleet, snow or shine.. You were running if your body felt good or if you were not feeling so hot.. You had to run because it was not only what you did but it was who you are.. and in this game only the strong survive.

I was watching a clip of a girl who was running a race and I began to think about her time and effort… How much did she train for this one event.. What did she have to go through to condition her body? How come I never see fat out of shape people win races? There’s a process of getting ready to win..

Anyone can sign up for a race.. I hear it all the time.. There’s a big 5k race, we are running for a cure. It’s so popular these days but rarely will people take the initiative to sign up for such a race because they are not willing to really put in the time and effort it will take to accomplish such a task. We are perfectionist at making up excuses on why it wouldn’t be a good idea.. for instance my excuse in high school was.. “Well, I certainly can’t run like that.. I mean are they crazy, you could get injured running that long!” I made up every excuse I could think of because I was not willing to commit. I was not willing to have enough faith in myself not that I couldn’t win, but that I didn’t want to go through the process of training well enough and conditioning my body. Giving up stuff that was considered weights.. You do know eating out every week can be a weight if you are trying to run a 5k race right.. the little things we don’t think of.. we feel we can’t give up or maybe don’t need to give up.. when we run a race are the very things we must learn to live without!
Well, we are running, we are running a race with God and let us run in such a way that we will win.. because although many sign up to win, only one gets the reward and theirs is a temporary little metal, ours is eternal.. Let us run with all of our might.. Not with reservation or hesitation, but let us give all we are to our training process loving each other wholeheartedly, giving 100% 100% of the time.. Let us do it because our reward is eternal and our hope is built on nothing less than Jesus’ blood and righteousness.. Put off the weights, and get into a new mode, a new way of living.. a way that it becomes natural to you to be conditioned and you have a better chance at winning every day!


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