Cain and Abel, when Anger runs deep!

I had the privilege of reading to digest the story of Cain and Abel today and I am hoping to tell you what I’ve learned in hopes that you too might receive some form of greater understanding of what happened!

Firstly the reference to the story is Gen 4:3-5 .. Yes, a relatively short one but you won’t get the whole thing if you only ready these verses, no you have to search it out throughout for God to put the pieces together for you..

In Genesis we see that Cain is born first and then Abel.. Cain makes his offering first at the proper time, but with the wrong motive. The first thing I want to point out is that God sees motive behind your offering.. It’s not so much about what your giving but where your heart is.. You see I think in my mind Cain didn’t recognize who God was.. for the bible says he bought only some of the produce he had from his fruit.. But it said about his brother he bought the fat portions and the first of his flock..

Now let’s dig into this..
I want to point out to you that We all have something to offer God. I don’t care who we are, what walk of life we are in.. it doesn’t matter where we are, at the appropriate time we will have a choice.. it will be time to present an offering to Him and we get to choose how we will view Him.. The tithe would be a great illustration of this..

When I was younger I was really taught about tithing. I grew up in an old down south Baptiste church called Good Faith, and I just want to tell you that this church is the cornerstone of who I am.. They taught me all that tithing was like as well…Let’s get clear God requires our first.. because it is holy to Him. It is not just about it being first given, but Him being first in my life.. God wants to know that He is first, so when we go and pay all the other things we have going on first, we have not gotten a right understanding of God.. Sometimes even if it’s a memorial time where you take a check and write it out to give it on Sunday before you go and spend anything else, you know that this money has been set aside for God alone..

Cain had not done this.. Cain gave God what was left.. then got angry with Abel because God was actually pleased with him.. Why do you think God was pleased with Abel. Well, you would have to go to Hebrews 11:4 to find out.. it was the faith that he had that caused his blood to cry out even after he left the earth.. tha’ts right the blood speaks..

I always get a little weary of that.. we always have a choice and sometimes bad decisions cause us to have other people’s blood on our hands, but I thank God for Jesus! Abel was approved by God because of his faith.. Wait a moment.. Faith is not seen, but Abel presented his best and was “approved by God” because of it! He gave an offering, trusting God.. There are 2 lessons we can learn from this story I believe God will look for in us each time we give Him an offering.. We show that we trust Him most if we give Him our best..
Do you trust the Lord enough that He will provide for you, if you bring as an offering to Him all you have? Do you trust that He loves you enough that you will never beg bread and will always have more than enough because of giving to Him?
Then the next question would be.. after you’ve given your best.. What is your attitude about giving? Do you give with expectation? Do you give cheerfully because your thankful the Lord gave you what you have an are really giving it back to Him because you realize He first gave to you?

Don’t only examine what your giving but connect it to why your giving and then you will experience either God’s respect or disrespect toward your offering.. Make a choice today! Choose to give Him what’s due and give it well!


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