I was cut so that I may heal not so that I may die!

I used to always hear this saying when I was growing up in church.. “There are some who cut to kill and there are some who cut to heal” A sergeant, when he is getting ready to go into surgery is going in with one mindset.. To heal the person he is operating on. As painful as the process is and as dirty as it is. He will have to cut that person open in one area or another to take out of that person what should not be. Hopefully that person is asleep when this is happening..

But when you wake up from your drugs and being knocked out, and all the medicine wears off, you realize what just happened and that’s when you have to walk through the healing process… and there’s something about the healing process, it could take weeks, it could take months, but one thing is for sure, if you don’t fight the process, but humbly submit to it, taking care of your body, listening to it, being mindful to sit down when you feel the pain coming.. Being mindful to take medication to insure the healing process is taking place you could possibly be able to function much better than you did before the surgery ever took place!
This is where life takes many people. I will reiterate on the story of Israel leaving Egypt for just a moment. When they came out of slavery, it was a happy day! It was a joyous time of celebrating and well, nobody had any reason to hold their heads down.. It was a time of rejoicing and dancing and singing with tamborines, because in that day, they came out! On that day they were delivered, on that day, they were free!

What an exciting occasion to praise the Lord right!
Well, only 3 days later, it dawned on them.. They had been snatched out of slavery by the very hand of God, only to them it was no longer viewed as slavery. They saw it simply as the “familiar” place! They had no recollection of all the horrid things which had happened to them there.. They only remembered that last picture of those Egyptians giving them all their gold and silver and all their possessions and they could only remember what they were used to because it was their only point of reference.
Here’s where I will tie it in.. God had come in with a mighty outstretched hand and there’s no doubt He had done the surgery, He had parted the sea, He had saved their firstborns when all the other one’s died and even made a distinction between them and the others.. Yet, on the third day after their departure, there was complaining. There was grumbling after all I’ll dare God, how could He bring us out here… into this hot wilderness… For what? To test us! To let us go through the healing process. This God has got to be bad at His job, doesn’t He know there’s no water out here..

Those who cover wounds never completely heal.

They only chose to see what was good about being in slavery forgetting that it was slavery, therefore never taking the journey of healing and never seeing the better life that was right up ahead… Only two were willing to go through the pain of the wilderness to see the promise of Canaan on the other side.. Only two could believe God had cut them so He could heal them, not so He could kill them!


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