Realize the pattern!

Have you ever met a drug addict, or an alcoholic.. Sad, isn’t it? I mean some of them know that what they are doing is wrong and can openly confess it and others just live in a state of denial.. What’s the difference? We walk around every day and we see people all around this world, in our neighborhoods, in our cities, states, and countries that show us symptoms which we call addictions..

We don’t know where it came from or how the habit got formed.. If it was low self esteem, lack of courage or patience or peace.. We don’t know if it were just not ever being loved… or feeling loved that drove them to feel like they had a void this substance can fill.. Like an anemic person, they love the thrill of knowing they are smaller today than they were yesterday and their mindset tells them, if I put on any weight, even 99 pounds I am completely over weight and I have to find a way to loathe myself if I eat!
Can you imagine training your mind to loathe yourself for eating?? Something totally natural because you wanted the approval of someone else.. No different than the person committed to an abusive situation.. Keep going back to something that’s literally killing you because of a mindset.. I know people who are bulimic and honestly it amazes me.. They would eat and stuff themselves binging with one thing in mind.. Purging! My Goodness.. Now, someone would call that sick but it’s just as sick as the person who hoards all the “classic” stuff in their world that’s really trash to others!
The problem is not going to change by force stopping themselves from eating or drinking, or abusing nor will it come from refocusing their attention, but true healing comes when not only do they freely address the issue that is going on and make note to say it is wrong and that they are willing to take every step possible to change! Until then, what hope of healing/recovery do we have!


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