Weaving everything together

Today I decided to crochet some place mats. I hadn’t crocheted in a long time… yet even though it’s been awhile it was familiar and I jumped right into it.. I thought about the process of taking the yarn to ball it.. As I took out my crochet hook, and I began the process I thought to myself… Right now these are just strings.. Just yarn.. It’s doesn’t have a pattern, there’s no form, and it could be whatever I want it to be.. I make the choice…. then I begin the process.. Yes sometimes it takes time and it takes effort, but when I’m done, that ball of yarn will be something beautiful I’m proud of..

Just as the bible calls us clay and God the potter, making something out of nothing making us new.. I sat here crocheting, I sat here seeing the end result as I worked that yarn into each piece.. It would no longer be what it was, now it would be useful.. It would be beautiful decoration for my children to eat on.. I was amazed when I began to think that my life has been that way all the time.. From the time He knitted me together in my mother’s womb.. He was preparing me for this moment and He has promised that nothing that has happened in my life will be wasted, but just as the weaver weaving even sometimes scraps and fragments the end results is beautiful and breath taking!


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