capable and Independent!

I struggled with a huge question today… If our society raises it’s children to be Capable and Independent anymore. We have so much these days.. Although I wasn’t around in the days of no telephone, I was certainly around in the days of no computer and cell phone access… Now I laugh and shrug at the fact that my 6 year old niece carries a cell phone around with her.. knowing that’s not necessarily hilarious.. but it’s how far we’ve come, but how could we as a culture have grown so much in one era and actually digressed in another!

Today, I was appeased by the fact that there are actually people who prefer to live illiterately.. They have no need nor desire to educate themselves or make themselves better.. after all that’s not needed.. “All we need is Jesus” they say! We have become so conditioned that we go to church on Sunday’s and we shout the victory naming and claiming Lexus’ and big houses as if a million dollars will just fall in our laps, we play the lotto and go to the casino in hopes that something… just maybe something might happen!

Instead of getting up making things happen we live in a culture and society where we sit back and wait for things to happen.. I know many people who would love to have a Master’s degree and a good paying job, but last I heard they weren’t just mailing those things out… or dropping from the sky! I know there are people who are comfortable in taking a vow of poverty and if that’s you and you are okay with not having enough food to eat and if your child gets sick you can’t afford to take them to the hospital..more power to you..

But there are some… select few… who want more… But who ever taught us how to get it.. In our age every thing is so microwave and if it’s not quite we don’t want it..

When a marriage means work, we would rather get a newer person to “Co-habitate” with.. When we don’t like our children we just send them off into another room away from us and pay no attention to them for hours.. the answer is always quick and easy..

Habilitate.. I said that word earlier.. unfortunately the things worth knowing aren’t just lying around on a table.. but they must be taught.. To habilitate means to clothe or dress oneself.. Now this is a hard word because we often time here the word …. Re-Habilitate and when we think of that we think of people who go into Rehab… when they try to get that person back to the way they were original… When someone is placed in jail they go to a rehabilitation facility.. But you know something I’ve learned you can take the slut out the project but it takes much more to take the project out of the slut.. excuse my language..
One encounter, One moment in the presence of The King can change anyone’s life..

We’ve been taught to be dependent on everyone for our culture, that’s why there’s food stamps and welfare, believe it or not more people abuse the system than use it for what it’s really made for.. We are taught not to be capable for every one has always done everything for us, we don’t know how to do anything nor do we want to learn…
I will admit, in this aspect I have a lot of growing to do.. I have a lot of work to do today.. Raising up my children I still believe there is hope!


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