A Busy Life!

Well, I finally have the opportunity to blog again.. I seem to journal more than anything these days, but I haven’t forgotten about you!

I am so thankful for everyone who rakes time out to read these blogs…. I will do my best to keep these writing skills active and shared with all many as want to experience them..

This week marks week 2 of the new school year.. I had been ready for it quite awhile but did not realize the change it would bring!
Indeed, My little prince has started 1st grade and my little princess has started a new preschool… by the way I love the fact that throughout all of this they get to wind up in the same place after school, and it’s cheaper… Whoohoo! I get off work, and I study… And I’m so glad I do.. when I’m studying I’m lost in the lesson and it means my life is busy, so I have no time to worry or fret about things.
But I want to talk today about the ability to adapt.. When your life is not busy, you tend to find things to do to make it busy instead of enjoying the season, not realizing a time will come when you will wish for that extra time, just to sit at home with nothing at all to do!
I was one of that type.. If I did not have anything to do, as a stay at home I had to find something.. You know I was what they called a “street runner” I had to be out… experiencing this life as it is.. If you can recall in the past I would take my children to the park and walk my son to and from school and even bring him lunch as a stay at home mom, I got involved in all kinds of bible study groups and mothers of young children groups at my church and that was what kept me going, very rarely did my children and I just spend time sitting around at home, but we did have a schedule..
What do you do when things change! When everything has changed and nothing is the same..In this season at this time I don’t have a man to come home to or to come home to me.. I am no longer a stay at home mom but a working mom, in this season I am being everything I never was, and thankfully it is not killing me, it is making me so much stronger, and if I thought my life was busy then.. well you should see it now.. My sweet babies are so involved in so much now it seems like I hardly get any time with them and I have to stop just to sit and teach them something new.. Right now we are all in the process of learning to speak Spanish so I am really trying to find someone who knows how to speak it and can teach it to me.. while I learn online from this program I bought in 2004.. Yup, I said it.. Life was too busy being a stay at home mom to sit and learn spanish, but now… well, while I’m taking 3 other classes in college..it becomes the opportune time for learning it..LOL!
Yes, adapting has become one of the things we have learned to expect in life, yet I have learned no matter how busy your life is… You will always find time for what you love.. for me that’s journaling and blogging.. I will make time for reading my bible and prayer in the midst of everything else.. and I’m grateful to know, I get the same 24 hours everyone else gets and I can get more done when I focus myself and prioritize my time!


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