Starting out well!

How many of us have ever started anything.. A new diet.. A new workout routine.. A new job.. a new relationship.. A new semester at school… being a parent for the first time.. I mean we start plenty of things don’t we.. We start going to church! We start praying! We start treating people kindly! We start drinking more water.. and most of us start New Year’s Resolutions.. Which seems really close to hear by the way, as soon as I get just a little more money I will start putting stuff on layaway for Christmas for my children because I hate the rush.. But can you imagine how many people put stuff on layaway with a good intention to finish paying on it, but because they did not have the discipline with their finances, well, they never finish the purchase, see that’s why I like to pay things out the first day.. Don’t test me with coming back to pay later.. Some of us start out good in our marriages.. and well, what happens….
How could we start so well.. You started exercising so well, you were drinking your water and eating fruits and vegetables everyday.. but something happened.. You used to be head over heels behind that wife of yours or husband of yours.. but what happened.. We tend to start our majors in college so well, but somewhere along the line we get distracted and our attention goes back to what we used to do.. the way we used to act and we stop believing so we stop praying and we have no more zeal so we don’t go to church and read out bible any more.. We lose things so quickly with no tenacity or determination to finish and I wonder why.. We are so thankful one day, then when one thing goes wrong we are the main one in the office complaining about what “they” didn’t do..
I think we really have to get in the habit of sticking with things.. Seeing a vision and following through until it’s accomplished!

Today, I finished a whole weekend of work, that put me ahead of my class by at least 3 weeks…. and honestly, it feels great! Yes, it cost me.. A lot of sacrifice of time I could have been on the phone, or infront of the tv or outside like the neighbors barbequing it up.. but I knew there was something more, something better for me.. I knew I was headed somewhere and in order to get there I would have to sacrifice something… I had become so used to picking up my bible every time I went to pick up a book that it felt rather awkward to be picking up class books all weekend literally, completing quiz after quiz and test after test.. but somehow I knew inwardly it was all worth it.. I have so many motivations going on around me it’s amazing.. Everytime the neighbors above me stump on the floor I get ammunition  to keep pushing ahead, every time I see another little scratch on my car from the kids playing outside at the apartment complex I get a little more incentive.. Everytime the neighbors in the house next door beat on the wall, I say to myself.. Only for a short period of time.. I’m just passing through and when I go outside and the neighbors are blocking the way out with their music on and all their kids hanging out…. I say.. Only more motivation.. I get motivated every time I hear sirens go by really loudly or someone driving past with really loud music, I get motivated when I see trash thrown all over the street and the dumpsters so full there’s trash all over the ground and it stinks.. All of this.. gives me grace to finish.. while I should detest it.. the people digging in the dumpsters only make me more aware that there is a better life on the other side.. and I don’t have to stay here forever.. but what we prioritize will eventually be what we become!


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