Freshly Pressed!

Today, I was just looking at the name of this blog site… A couple of years ago I was helping my brother with a paper he had to write for school and he had to post to this site. I had never been part of a site for blogging, but since writing is my thing.. well, that’s what I felt comfortable doing, I started almost immediately that was about 3 years ago now and I’m still writing… isn’t that something.. 

Been doing it all my life and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon!

It’s hard to find your “Thing” only if your not really paying attention to what’s naturally in you.. it’s there the entire time and to do it is a labor of love.. For me to write is release.. like for some people calculus is that thing… well, if you even showed me a sign that said calculus I would walk the other way without looking back.. I would love to force myself to do something that does not come natural, but when it does not come natural…. well, you might as well leave it alone, it’s must harder to perfect a gift you do not have and make yourself an unhappy 7 from a 3 than to already be a 7 at something and make yourself a 10 by maturing that gifting!
Well, when I think the word.. Freshly pressed I think this is no pressing, no labor, this is the one thing in my life I don’t work at all to do!
My birds are now well acquainted with the house, they have both flown out of the cage and Skyler the one who was initially afraid today allowed Benjamin to hold him several times and pet him.. I was amazed that they would be so sociable once they had been out only a few days.. Well, Tweetie is still getting used to this but it’s amazing that Skyler the one I never thought would want the attention would be most willing to receive affection.. Although the day has seemed to have it’s twist and turns I’m just going to keep right on going and start all over again.. I feel so blessed to still be in the press!


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