A Very Individual Love!

I wanted to call this an unusual love, but now that wouldn’t make sense.

In our culture Love has just become another four letter word, we use it so randomly and add no specific meaning to it!

Today, Love doesn’t cost very much at all. We tell people we love them in a heart beat but the minute they upset us we are willing in a split second to throw them away.. Which makes me question what kind of Love was it anyway!

We have a command.. This command is not from another human being, it is from God! We have a command to Love, not to be Loved..
I know all of us want Love.. We Love Receiving Love, but are we as excited about giving it. If we do Love, it’s based on conditions isn’t it.. If You do this… I will love You.. If You do that, I will love You.. Forget what I do, I am going to need forgiveness and understanding that I’m not perfect, but You, I’m not willing to give it to!

Is there really a connection.. with this command, Jesus said Himself that We love others as ourselves, of course first we have got to love God!
In the story I will talk about today in John 13, we see the love of God made manifest…. The God of the Universe, Creator of ALL things bends down on one knee, being symbolic of a greater Love.. He washes… He serves! Now, those of us who understand authority knows that the boss does not serve the workers nor does he or she bend to do their job.. no, they are the one’s to be served and obeyed.. I thank God for my boss!
she is a servant boss all the way, I will attest to that until the day I die!
But not many are!

Jesus got down on His knees with one towel in one hand, one wrapped around His waste and a feet in the other.. As He went around the room, I believe no one was left out, He didn’t want anyone to feel as if He did not love them the same as He loved the other, even the one who would betray Him.

I think this was absolutely a breathtaking moment.. What could He have been thinking, washing Judas’ feet, each time He moved to the next one’s feet He gave ALL of His attention to the one He was washing.. I thought to myself.. What a Love! That He loves Me Individually, He didn’t just wash one of their feet and say to them.. this is the example, do you all see how I just washed Peter’s feet, well, that’s how you ought to do to each other.

But He personally thought about each one of them intentionally and I can’t say we do that in our culture, we think about us, our four and no more.. We think of the one’s who love us as the only one’s we could love enough to serve.. I’m amazed at how God shows us we have got to live contrary to our society and we have got to get this right if nothing else.. Love must be individually for all, even those we don’t think deserve it!

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