Faith Being The Substance!

Hoping in something and someone greater than myself… Without any doubts that He will come through… Easy as pie!

This morning I was reading a great passage from John 14, yep, still in the gospel of John and yes, I’ve been there the past 4 months and you know what that’s okay I actually feel like the more I want to move on from this chapter I get something else out of it and until I feel like there’s no more to glean I’m just going to stay right here.

In the very first verse Jesus says something as He is giving Peter the command not to let his heart be troubled because He just told him he was going to deny Him.. He said; “You believe in God, Believe also in Me!”
What a strong statement that is.. In other words, You got a good foundation there Peter, you believe in God and I know you’ll mess up I can prophesy that to you and even though I’m going to the cross and need your encouragement I would much rather stay at this time to encourage you.. Believe… that word in itself means to trust, to have faith and total confidence, it means not to doubt me.. Even after you fall, get back up and just keep it moving. I love the way Jesus loves us all.. He can look at us knowing all our mess and still say.. You believe in God… your getting ready to see some horrific stuff and you didn’t plan on this, but let me encourage you to keep your faith even though you might falter.. because I can be trusted.. I told you all this so that when it happens you can believe that I am who I said I am.. What a wonderful Lord, however I can not help but to put myself in their position and wonder how I would have felt even as He encouraged them they still all fled… all except John the baby disciple that is and some women… Wow!


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