Because I flow!

Did anyone ever consider that Life.. This life we live here on earth.. it has a rhythm. Best demonstrated by the way the heart beats.. in the seconds there’s a rhythm and if you miss a beat things go off and you have what they call a “Murmur” Well, I can see that so much of this can be related to the spiritual life.. God has a rhythm.. And that’s why He could say “in all things He is working for our good” That’s why He can say that He created the one for the day of destruction.. He is a God who flows.. And if we miss His flow, we miss this life as it ought to be … because we don’t get the rhythm, so we have arrhythmia’s going on in all the veins of life..
I’m talking about the flow of life.. Don’t you know to everything there’s a flow.. That’s why there’s a time for everything under the sun.. there’s a season.. A Flow! Almost like with the woman’s mensus. It is regulated by cycles, and that’s how we know our flow which controls when conception is possible and when it is better to plan hormonal change!

You see this is what it’s all about.. Can You get into the flow.. If you can get into His flow you realize that life, in every season can be abundant, because He came to give you life more abundantly!

When I think about this it brings me great joy because then I would understand why Paul said he gloried in tribulation and why he could so easily say to count it all joy when we fall into different kinds of temptation!

This morning my little 4 year old was asking me how far we were from her 5th birthday and I thought to myself… Wow, My Sweet little Princess, You only have 4 more days and you will no longer be 4 years old… not ever!

Don’t we think like that on a daily basis, the time we are saving, or losing… the way we respond in the midst of a struggle today can dictate our consequences tomorrow.. There was never a time of the year that I took note of that did not pass… it was called the seasons… but I call it the seasons of life. A couple of years ago we had a brutal winter and no one could go to work, no one could go to school, everything had pretty much stopped because there was ice all over the streets and in our house we had forgotten to let our sinks leak and so we did not have any water and it just happened to be the week I was having my time of month.. Well, it was miserable,but one thing I know now, it was a season and that happened to be the only time we have snow like that where everything was shut down.. Life will always be about seasons.. How can we better deal with the seasons as they come..
This Thanksgiving I had plans on making it a great one. I had plans on taking my children out to a friends house and letting them play and have tons of fun while I ate truck loads of food and fellowship with others.. My son woke up sick and well, I had to come to terms with the fact that this too shall pass.. there was a statement I used to say so often.. The day has only come to pass.. Every day we live has come to pass… but how we live in that day determines sometimes if we have to go back and make amends or if we are building for a life beyond this one.. Well, should we ever get confused with the goings ons of this life.. we can easily go back and think… Am I flowing, or am I stopping up the flow!

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