A Very Merry Christmas!



This evening was one of our best one’s this Christmas, Well, besides having my first birthday dinner party this year..ever celebrating myself. This was one of those evenings you just don’t forget easily!

Earlier this week I had received a text saying that my children and I had been adopted into the Christmas giving event for a mortgage company, then I got a text from another friend from the same bible study group who said that she had something for me and would bring it over on the weekend. I had no idea what it was, she did not say, but I thank her in advance because I knew what ever it was, it would be good because it was a gift.

She had chosen to come Sunday and I won’t lie, I try to stay out when I have my kiddo’s at church on Sunday’s simply because it’s a little small break to focus my attention away from being a mommy all the time.
This year had been a rough one for us.. and we honestly had been so blessed already, God had made ways for us already that were just so humbling to me..

But then this.. She showed up with a Christmas tree in her truck.. I don’t mean any Christmas tree a very nice one.. with decorations.. I was in heaven… I had never had a Christmas tree for my little one’s … because I taught them Christmas was not about the gifts and the tree and the santa and all that.. I taught them it was about Jesus, when really it was an excuse not to get into the Christmas spirit, I didn’t like the Christmas music, because my mama loved it. You see this was her favorite time of year.. I celebrated my 32nd birthday this past week and although it has been one of my roughest years dealing with the separation from my husband that could all depend on how I look at it because it has also been one of my most blessed years.. I don’t know how else to say this..
I’m grateful to the point of tears!


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