The Process of setting!

Today, I pondered something that baffled me… As I was meditated on Col. 3:2, I began to think about what it means to set my affection/ my mind…

We set plenty of things in our culture.. We set our radio’s, we set our alarm clocks, we set our screen savers, we set out clocks, we set numerous things all the time..

What it means to set is to position something on a specific default. When I set my Computer each week to defragment and disk clean up, if it misses that specific timing I find that my computer may run a little slower because it can get cluttered, if I set a budget for myself and exceed it I will find that I will be a little more uncomfortable in my spending..
On the mental level there is more serious consequences. I believe when we don’t set our minds as those who say we believe and live by the power of God, we tend to fall into deadly traps like depression, fear and doubt, and worry, things like unforgiveness become a thing of the present and we can’t just shrug things off because inwardly we decay when we don’t take the time to set our mind..

The process of setting something is normally pretty easy and it doesn’t take very much effort.. however after the mind has been programmed to do things a certain way so many years sometimes it takes longer than a few minutes to reset the patterns we began when we were children.. Sometimes the resetting process is strenuous and takes lots of effort but boy does it pay off when it’s done..

It pays dividends like nothing else.. Imagine with me for just a moment what a mind looks like that is constantly renewed by the words and will of God.. Wouldn’t that person look like an alien in this world, only thinking on things that are pure, noble, good, praise reports and true and honorable. That would seem crazy, almost as if that person were living in fantasy land, if the person really acted as if they believed the word of God that they read and talked about. Wouldn’t there be less strife and less divorce if couples chose to both set their minds.. on things above and not on things of the earth.. what an astounding thought.. But the truth is, I aspire to live the kind of life where my mind is set on things above and not on things of the earth!


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