Drinking of the Cup!

This morning I was intrigued yet again as I sat to read John 18 again.. I had been inductively studying the book of John.. Anyone who knows anything about inductive study knows what i mean when I say I’ve been studying this one book at least 4 months.. but it’s been all good, I have never been so well nourished from the word in my life..

Everyday I should blog because studying the bible is like digging into a goal mine, you never quite get it all in one sitting you have to keep going back but the more you go the more you get..

In John 18 when Jesus enters the garden, He is no doubt beginning the process of the end of His life.. He knows exactly what’s going to happen, He knows He’s getting ready to suffer and He has already prayed for the cup to be taken away from Him, then He turns around again and accepts the cup..
When they come to arrest Him.. what a scandalous event to imagine actually, Judas, His follower for 3 years is standing by when they all fall back when He tells them He’s who their looking for when suddenly not having perceived what just happened, Peter takes out a sword and cuts off the servant of the high priest ear.. Wait a moment Peter, You couldn’t have learned this behavior from Jesus.. Your acting like and unruly child, do you think it would please your mama or daddy whose taught you all your life not to fight to see you straight up violent, even if it means defending them, as if they couldnt defend themselves!

Well, Jesus makes  a statement that is a gentle Rebuke.. Let’s not doubt that Peter did this out of pure love.. but Jesus goes back to this cup and assures Peter that He knows what the will of God is for Him and He has accepted it and is willing to take the cup of suffering..
Yes, we love the cup of blessing.. Overflow! By all means… More More More.. I see me in the future and I’m so much better than I am right now.. But does anyone talk about that cup of suffering and not taking any short cuts out even when you can!

When Jesus talks about a cup it is really saying that it is the will of God that He suffer.. and if it were the will of God to let Him suffer……Hm!

I began to think of my children.. Just recently, this week, they both came up with colds.. Runny noses, sneezing all over the place, coughs.. you name it.. I decided that it would be best to not only apply some vapor rub but to also give them medicine.
Not I put the medicine in this little cup, and I give it to them and the first thing they do is smell it then they look at me.. Whenever you get a cup, first you must identify where it’s coming from.. Then if it’s coming from a trusted source, you can trust that it will not harm you but is meant to make you better..
My children would not ask any more questions, after that.. They take the cup and without any arguments they drink it down and even though they make an ugly face and need a drink of apple juice afterward, they know that in a couple of hours they may be feeling just a little better for a little while..
While I had a little sister who years ago had 3 liver transplants.. when we were younger, my mother was very diligent in giving her the medication which the doctor had prescribed, my little sister would not take it.. she would hold it in her mouth with inflated jaws for hours sometimes, sometimes she would gently walk over to the sink and spit it out.. she stayed in the hospital and livers rejected twice, would I dare say that it was due to the fact that the cup of medication was not taken properly..
Whenever God prescribes a cup of suffering, you’d better believe there is glory after this!



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