Eternally secure

Today I want you to ponder a scene with me if you will..picture it, Jesus just having finished praying, deciding once again to fully commit His will to God’s even if that meant to suffer..death! Walks into the garden, the place it all began. He had come to justify us because of something Adam did near the beginning of time..

He here stands, with His disciples by His side in John 18.. And something radically unacceptable is happening, Jesus is being arrested and bound… And then something even stranger happened… Peter pulls out a sword and gets violent..

wait a moment, you just lost me… Peter was walking with Jesus and peter is not soldier by the way, he has not been trained in combat, he is a fisherman. Yet he is walking with the master.. Never having seen Jesus get violent enough to harm another person.. I mean sure He flipped over some tables because He had righteous anger, but He never demonstrated violence in any way!

So what would cause Peter to carry around a sword in the first place I wonder.. Really, he had the whole thing.. a sheath and everything. Has any one ever thought about that, I mean was it a custom of the day or something that all men had to carry around a weapon just in case they needed to cut off someone’s ear. Please let me know because I’m teaching my little son we don’t carry weapons, we don’t touch weapons, we don’t play with weapons for fun.. Weapons are off limits.. Yet, Jesus knew Peter was carrying this sword and it was okay.. until he pulled it out to use it..

Just think with me a moment, if you were walking with Jesus, of course you love Him and are greatly connected to Him, and you don’t want to see Him have to suffer, but He has already made it clear to you that He would have to suffer and obviously even after he referred to you as satan for not having in mind the things of God… would you still veer down that same path.. to take out your sword.. and harm someone for Him, if He didn’t tell you to do it.

I think there was certain sense of security that came in having that sword more than just walking with Jesus and trusting that He knew everything and whatever happened He had power to handle it.

You see this is where things get kind of tricky for us. We trust Him so far, but when it comes down to our money in savings.. Nah, now we aren’t that secure in  Him.. Trust me I’m with ya on that one.. Eternal security is good and I have no doubt that He’s got my back when I get to heaven, but here on earth, Wouldn’t He want me to just accumulate all the things I can. I won’t come right out and admit it’s far security purposes because I say he’s enough and yet for some of us humans, protection is still needed.. Some people carry around guns for sport, keep them in the house with the kids, in case some one breaks in.. It’s all okay isn’t it because Jesus would want us to carry around security in the event someone wanted to harm us, so we could harm them first of course, that would be doing the will of God after all..

I have said all these things to make us ponder where our security lies today. Jesus told Peter to put that sword in his sheath it was not needed, the cup/ will of God for Him as well as all of us happens regardless of what we use as security to stop it from happening!


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