Desperate people vs Hopeful People!

Today I thought I would speak on this subject, because obviously it’s necessary to realize the difference between acts of desperation and acts of hope.

This afternoon I sat my birds outside the apartment, Yes, the apartment I had to move in when my husband and I separated when he told me that he no longer saw us together and thought it was better if I found a job by the end of the year so we can go separate ways.. This apartment is not the nicest place to live, I began to hear the sound of the neighbors doors slamming constantly. It was quite annoying, and suddenly I heard what sounded like a rock or something very hard hit my parakeets cage and I hurried to open the door and there were those kids, the neighbors who always tend to beat on the door, or make some kind of scene, there the youngest one was running, with a rock on the ground beside my bird cage.

This season in my life has been very tumultuous in every way. I have had to go from being a stay at home mom for years, to now at my husband’s command a working mom of 2 children whom he only see’s every other weekend. This saddens my heart to even have to brief you on..

But here are my choices.. I can take this as an opportunity to hope and believe that something good will come out of all that looks bad right now. Or I can choose to be desperate for the next joker who comes along, or even for my husband and beg him to stay and not go, and just have dealings with me that are only related to sex and not loving me, or I can quietly and patiently way!

Here’s the difference between hope and desperation in such a situation..

Hope says: I am ready every moment for that which has not yet been born and I will ever be ready even if it is never born.

Desperation says: Desperate maladies calls for desperate remedies

Someone once quoted that hope is as simple as anticipating that God will show up and do great things, even if I never know what those great things are.

In the midst of my heart this Christmas I feel a great sadness, a great deal of loneliness, that no one can truly fill. Who doesn’t have a desire to be loved? Who doesn’t have any inclination to be wanted? Yet I stand with the Lord alone on my side and my little children who have become my very life in this season.. So here’s how I cope..

In Hope!

In Christ alone, where My Hope is built. My husband can turn away from the Lord, he can go into apostasy if he wants to, but that does not mean I have to.. I know that I have a greater hope which is an anchor for my soul. I will not be desperate for the next man who wants to fill my bed, I will not be desperate for the next friend who will mistreat and abuse me in ways that are so painful I can not mention.. I can choose.. You do know there’s always a choice right!

Choose to place your hope in Christ today as an anchor for Your soul.. Building my hope on things eternal, my only desire is that He (Jesus) does not pass me by!


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