Springs in a Desert

Exodus starts getting really interesting around the 15th chapter..It’s obvious, all the miracles have taken place while the Israelites were in Egypt. And God had already shown them that He was with them, He was for them, He was on their side.. Now their miraculous deliverance has come about, and the waters have drown the people who they were once slaves to. They indeed saw those enemies no more..

But what did they see is the question!?

Can you imagine, living a certain way all of your life, then on one day, everything changes.. You no longer have a little hut or tent, or whatever to sleep in. You no longer have leaks, onions and garlic to eat. You no longer have the oppression you were used to either.. You are no longer being beaten, and mistreated, and you no longer have to worry about if your children may die.. But in this place, you don’t know anything. At least there you are familiar with the surroundings right.. You know what’s going to happen from day to day and if you can stay on your P’s and Q’s, trying your hardest to dot all of your i’s and cross all of your t’s you just might have a good day!
But now..Your here… In this place you have never seen before, doing something you’ve never done before.. Your out in the desert, wondering if there are any wild beast or wolves that just might come out at you or one of your kids.. by the way.. Has anyone ever heard a child begging for food before.. Let me tell you they beg as if their starving sometimes when they are not even hungry.

I get it all the time with my little daughter especially, oh she has the greatest appetite.. She loves to eat… Little here, little there… Yup, she loves to snack, she’s done that since birth and was ok when I was nursing, but now that she’s 5, that’s gotten a little more difficult, I can not feed her from myself, I must turn to a greater source to feed us both and that is God!

Yesterday we were out at MiCocina and bless my soul she was acting as if she were starving while we were waiting on the food, oh she wanted me to hold her she wanted to be on my lap, she wanted to be as close as she could be, as if I were still nursing her but there was nothing there I could feed her, although I was glad to form that bond with her, at this time I wanted her to calm down and have patience..
With this I imagine what the children of Israel must have been going through and I’m not going to lie, with my children driving me like that.. I probably would have been walking down Complaining lane, turning on murmuring street stopping and grumbling house.. because we saw food coming and it was so annoying to me to have to sit there and cater to her until something came out. Now imagine not even knowing where the next meal was coming from.. They start to grumble. and something miraculous happens.. God’s miracles are not over, He is still just as much God as He was when they were in Egypt, they just had never seen Him in this form..

He pulls 12 springs and 12 palm tree out of a desert where nothing like water and palm trees go.. He is God and in the midst of any situation He can create a platform to reveal His glory, and power and match-less splendor.


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