The Dilemma about the Television!

So much has changed since I was young… and that wasn’t that long ago.

For instance, we didn’t have cell phones when I was young, we did not grow up with a computer in our house, yet today I have a computer (desktop, laptop) an iPad and a Kindle Fire for tablet..

I don’t remember having so many channels when I was younger, I remember after a certain our the television went off.. And that was okay, we did not sit up until 2a watching tv.

Last night my son wanted to watch all the teenager shows, he wanted to sit and just veg out in front of the television all night and for a moment I thought.. Hey, we pay for it, why doesn’t someone in the house take advantage of it.

I’ve come to believe that some times television can be a distraction. When my husband and I were together and would try to have date nights, sometimes we would stay home and watch a movie, or go out to a movie and that would pretty much take up all of our time, we would have not had to communicate with each other at all, played no games and many precious moments would have passed us by by the time that movie had gone off and already half our night had gone.. While we were supposed to be building relationship, we were busy watching someone entertain us with something most of the time that would not benefit us at all.

As for my children.. They sit in front of the television for hours.. a day! I have gotten them out of it to a great extent, but this week we are home all week and honestly, it’s the only thing I can think of that will keep them entertained, yet everytime I peek at the screen for even a moment they are talking about “Mediums, sorcerers, and magic” I think to myself, what’s this world coming to.. Television was not like this when I was growing up,I almost have nothing good to say about the children’s television shows anymore. It seems to be more about getting children to believe in all these things the bible clearly speaks against.. and it is feeding them what the world wants them to believe. They come to me asking me for expensive toys they show on the commercials which by the way are most the time longer than the show itself..

So I decided to get more education on the pros and cons of television and wanted to share them with you as I make the decision to ditch or keep cable service!

First I’m going to tell you the pros:

Last weekend I had a break from my children, and since the semester was over I decided to sit and do something I rarely do.. Watch tv.. I the movie “Friday” was on.. and I used to like it when it was made in 1990. (Before I was a christian) it was a good source of laughter I will admit as I sat crocheting a scarf for my boss..

#1. Source of entertainment.. Comedy, and Amusement

#2. Source of Education… If we want to, we can use the television to stay abreast on what is going on all around us.

#3. If I ever need a break from my children and just want time to blog or journal, I sit them in front of the television, Arthur and all the other PBS kids programs, Bible man, and hermie wormie tend to work wonders..

But this is all I can really think of that is good about it..

So I will tell you now my cons on television watching:
As I watched that movie last weekend, although I was laughing a bit I noticed not long after it had nothing but women who were basically naked, and smoking marijuana all throughout, I realized this was not very good for me to be sitting and watching, even though it was humorous, it was extremely degrading to women and showing the wrong way to live as something that was right and good..
#1. Television for the most part does not teach good values.. sometimes not even on the children’s channels, I’m starting to question Dora… with all her magic sorcerer’s and all.. this is horrible.

#2. Television is a great way to Decline the imagination. We don’t have to sit and think of anything for ourselves as long as we are just being a couch potato. It’s easier to just sit in front of the television than to get up, get out and do something productive.

#3. Television does not help with binding with family and friends.. Let me tell you, it takes away from bonding. If we are watching tv all your doing is sitting in the same room together, and how does that help you to grow closer, I can sit in the same room with the devil and know he needs to go the whole time and it won’t help me one bit to be there with him, if I will only be influenced by his presence in the room..

#4. there are really rarely any christian values taught on television today, it’s more of a way to keep kids and adults lazy, and inside, while there is a whole world waiting to be lived in..

I honestly think that there is more to be explored about this, and time should be monitored in front the tube.. but we must know our limits and set our boundaries if we ever want to see different results!



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