He Emptied Himself!

Hey, is anyone feeling inspired like me..

This is such a beautiful occasion.. It’s the day We Celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ..
I could remember as a Child, this was such a sacred time, especially for children.. I could remember all the crowds, and all the fuss to make Christmas beautiful, all the shows on tv “What a wonderful world” and so much more. I could remember mama going out of her way to get me and my siblings nice things to open under the tree on the day we celebrated the birth of our Savior.. This was most beautiful because in my house, growing up, Christmas was always magical.. The lights always had a certain sparkle in them that caused you to sense a certain beauty about this time of year that was seen in no other time of the year.. Even with all the hustle and bustle through the streets of New Orleans… mama made it as if she had been planning for this all year so the crowds never caught her.. She would stash away presents months in advance wrapped and hide them in her closet.. for us!
Stashing away gifts.. That inspires me today, as it was yesterday I went to the mall and it was swarming with people all around, just trying their hardest to pick up that last gift.. I can imagine the stores and malls were all just eating it up because just because it was a day before the great celebration, they realized their celebration was already going on…

Now, I must skip to why this inspired me…
It’s about preparing before time… for a great opportunity to make a presentation!
Here is where I want you to picture it with me..

When the time was right.. when we were dead, when we were lost in our sins.. Just at the perfect time.. God sent His Son Jesus to be born of a virgin.. This was no ordinary baby, This was the Lord of lords and the King of kings.. He was born King! This Savior of the world.. Oh He was well planned for.. even though He was born in a manger… even that event in itself was significant.. He was fulfilling prophesies of destiny before His very birth..  it was a sign that He had emptied Himself..

I had to sit here in wonderment.. Of how His birth came about.. Through Mary, I keep thinking, how blessed it would be if I were considered highly favored.. but it is very sobering that to be favored by the Lord also means He can trust you with pain and trouble. Jesus, was born in a manger, can you imagine, but it was all fulfilling the word of God.. even the way the Ceasar wanted that census, they probably wouldn’t have traveled to that specific place any other way.. Providence dawns and sets in here.. And I am awed..

The Perfect Child had  come and everything about His life spelled Eternity, Eternity was given a birth date.. He had no beginning, yet He limited Himself for me.. for you, for the worst of sinners who beats his wife, who kills those in elementary schools.. He emptied Himself of splendor and majesty and He made it not about Him, even though it was.. But what inspired me was that He came on the command of the Father, this was signifying how much He loved the Father! He had given up so much to come here with us. He was still God and He was still man, but He had to veil Himself in flesh.. So that He could save all flesh..

Can you imagine, having it all.. People do it every now and then, they are rich and they decide to go for a day or a week and work in the life of a waitress or a person who is poor and they get a feeling of such awe because they realize how much they have… But this was the Lord.. He had come, He was here.. And His own didn’t know Him..He did whatever He saw the Father do.. He was obedient even if it meant death, He would go for God.. He emptied Himself for the Lord.

This Christmas as I see the people frequenting the malls and all the Targets and groceries stores I think of that emptying but it’s more frantic and it’s for temporal things.. I’m inspired to know that He was not in a rush, because He knew all things and He was yet still getting us ready for Eternity.. When He emptied Himself.. So that We might have a right to the tree of Eternal LIFE!


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