Why I Blog!

Honestly, this is one of the easiest and hardest questions for me to answer!
Have you ever gone to an family reunion…. or a class reunion like 20 years later and there are the people at the punch bowl, over looking at you in the corner whispering, when you walk over for a sip, they blurt out….”Still the same”, “You still the same”!
And you think to yourself.. “What are they talking about? Are they crazy? Haven’t they noticed that I have grown up? I’m 20 years older for goodness sake, what do they mean; “I’m still the same”, haven’t they heard about my accomplishments? Seen my bank account? Or known all the people I have touched, and all the people who have come to Christ and been inspired because of my ministry?
Isn’t it funny though that there are certain traits that have been in us from the time we were really young. They say by the time we are 5 years old, we already have most of our traits, what we like, what we don’t like, what we do, what we don’t do.. Believe it or not, we are exposed already to the thing that we were created to do and it’s being birth in us even then!

I sometimes look at my children and think to myself.. “Wow, they’ve really grown.. But when I look at a a picture of my daughter now and look at her when she was 1 years old not much in her features have changed.. My son, still has all the same features, the same smile, although some more of his attributes have come out, and I can see little more of his tendencies.. For instance my son is not a helper.. he will not just offer help for the next fundraiser, he might volunteer to be the host, he might volunteer to administer the talent show, but my daughter she is the helper, it’s just what she loves to do.. Amazing at their ages, 5 and 6 I can see all this.. My daughter is a very active person, she doesn’t like to sit and watch tv all day, she wants to get up, move around and play games, while my son would be content just to watch movies all day.. Two different personalities right.. Well, who would have thought that when I was there age, I had a little journal with a little fake lot on it.. I was taking my little pencil writing in it every time I got a chance. I was wanting to be friends with the underdog, the one who walked in the room and was shy drew me to them to make them feel welcomed..These things were always in me and guess what I still do them..

You don’t have to motivate me to journal at least 4 times a day, I do it because it’s always been there, nothing has to come and cultivate me to process my emotions and inspirations through writing, it just naturally happens..

So when you ask, why I blog? When You ask what’s the purpose behind it all? Have you ever had something you just genuinely loved to do, whether you got paid for it or not.. you would do it anyway because it’s helping you and somehow you hope and pray it will in the end help someone else.. That’s what writing is for me and that’s what writing does for me.. So there.. I blog because it’s what I do! I blog because a writer is the real me.. and if I never get paid for it.. And I do hope at one time it could be a side job, maybe I will find a job that minors in writing if the Lord will allow, then I would be in heaven.. doing what I absolutely love and getting paid.. YES! that sounds like the life to me..


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