2013 Resolution- Commit!

This year seems to have come and gone, it’s amazing to look up and see how fast time flies. One moment your bringing in a New Year, and it feels like in the next moment Your bringing it out!
Amazingly, sometimes pictures can be so inspirational, poems can be inspirational, blogs can be inspirational, songs can be inspirational… and when something happens in life and we experience a major tragedy or have a life opening Epiphany occasion we become more aware that.. Wait a moment I have got to start living right now, tomorrow is not promised!
It always amazes me that around this time of year all the gyms start their membership specials and all the new books are written on health, because after all the holidays have past and we can’t fit into our old clothes anymore the next thing we do is, thoughtlessly commit to a new way of living for a little while..

Today, I was looking on my facebook account at a precious couple I met a couple of years ago, and I could vividly remember the husband saying of his wife while she was right there in the room.. “I don’t know why we are married, I don’t know how we stay married?” It was as if he had no clue, the worst thing of it is… she seemed to sit there in agreement with him.. and maybe they were having a bad day in their marriage, for I honestly couldn’t imagine a couple looking at each other each day saying: “I don’t know why I married you, and I don’t know how we stay married”

Let me tell you something I think happens though.. It comes about that day by day we wake up and we commit to a thing.. We commit to a marriage, we commit to a job, we commit to taking care of ourselves, we commit to our churches and we serve faithfully, we commit to taking a trip on our vacation before we even have all the money to pay for it.Yes, we commit to things all the time.. But it takes a true spirit of perseverance to follow through on any kind of commitment. We live in such a day that people work jobs 2 years and because the job was not their everything and they wanted the job to give them 100% while they were only giving 80% they failed to stay with it.. This is also what happens in marriage.. We go in looking for that other one person to be our everything when they were not created to be and the bible clearly said.. Offenses will come.. It’s a part of our human make up.. So when I sat and listened to this beautiful couple who give so much and do so much to advance the kingdom of God visibly every day say this.. I thought about all the other people who say it inwardly and they give up outwardly.. Those who say it about their job when they don’t get the pat on the back and they decide to quit.. those who say it about their children when they have been disappointed one too many times, those who say it about their church because the worship team didn’t quite bring it a couple of Sunday’s in a row.. Why am I here? I don’t even know why I committed to this? You know what I’m out! There’s better fish in the sea.. There’s more to my life than dealing with this mess, this disappointment, I don’t have time to be offended and oh yes, forget that sometimes more than not, I offend others.. I want 100% and I want perfection.. So commitment.. That’s a word which has become foreign to us all.. WE use it so freely but we really mean as long as things are going my way I will commit..
This year… for 2013 let’s not start to change our lives outwardly, but the most important change we can make it the decision to change our mind and the way we see living.. the way we see the situation we find ourselves in and the commitment we made and making a decision to just stick with it.. because we are a people of integrity and we don’t give up easily!

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