An Example of Right-ness!

This morning I was reading a few chapters and several things jumped out at me that I felt were worth blogging be patient, I almost wanted to give you an introduction, a body with 3 points and a conclusion…Ughh! But that’s how I was feeling it!

I want to expound on Genesis 6:9 when it talks about Noah being a righteous man, a blameless man..
We don’t think of things like that anymore.. but the bible said he was the only man who walked right and did what God wanted consistently in his time!
Now it’s worth thinking about it isn’t it.. Because this same ability to walk with God consistently was the thing that got him saved from a flood.. it was his willingness not only to hear what God was saying but to do it, Consistently, not just one or two days, but every day..
What does that look like, for God to say “You are correct, more than you are not” or “you have followed me wholeheartedly so I’m going to save you when the whole world is going to hell in a hand basket..

As it stands we are living in the last days and any day now Jesus is coming back.. Who will build a boat, A Huge boat.. in obedience to God by living in Right-ness with Him so they may be saved!


One thought on “An Example of Right-ness!

  1. Thanks for your thoughts on Noah and “rightness.” Feel free to stop by I was just looking at Noah’s story too.

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