The Heart of the Matter!

So much is happening in our society today, it’s without a doubt very scary! We send Missionaries out to other countries to evangelize the lost, but we forget about those on our own street corners who have an even greater need for Christ than the person over in Uganda!
I think that we don’t have a great deal of urgency, as believers..
If we did, that man who shot up those children at Newton, he would have heard about Christ the moment he walked out his door.. But since prayer has been taken out of school, we have no effective weapon for the battle we are in to protect our children, unless the parents pray as they drop off their little one’s.

This grieves me, because the only thing that makes headlines are the people who perform massacre’s but what of the mother who went postal and killed her children and wanted to jump off a bridge and was talked down afterward, no one ever talked about going to her in jail to tell her about Jesus.. In the year 2012 alone, over 1700 children were killed by someone else, be it a parent in a rage, a drunk driver, whatever, all just as senseless, but we place our bidding in the government and what they are not doing to protect us.. I think the heart of the matter is not in the government, police can’t even rightly protect us if we don’t have the covering of Jesus Christ.. He is the answer, He is the source and until we become desperate to tell everyone everywhere we go about Him, we will continue to see this and it will continue to grieve our hearts even more so because we are not doing anything about it but crying! Let’s start doing more than praying.. let’s starting going therefore and changing the world!


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