Joined the gym for the first time!

Yes, You’ve heard right!!! For the first time ever I have joined the gym! that was me, in a class just like that tonight.. I took cycling.. Which made me feel like joining the gym was the best decision I’ve ever made!
I never thought it.. I have always considered myself to be the one who was hooked on home workout video’s I’ve had friends who have told me how great it was to be part of a gym! But that could have never been me I reasoned.. I thought it was nothing but a waste of money when you could get the same workout at home.. After all, you’ve got the park and all these other places to walk and run and do all sorts of cool things with your body, why pay someone for a gym!
But since the separation I have went through a time of changing my perspective..
I have tried to keep up my workout routine with my children and work, and well, it had become nearly impossible. We only have one television at home now and since it seems as if that’s my kids favorite thing to do.. (watch tv) and the only way I get any sort of break… Other than when I send them to clean their room, and well, it’s not a whole 20 minutes before they are crying that I help them.. So all the workout dvd’s I have have become of no effect in the last 6 months.. When I have started, I have not been able to stay motivated enough to stick with a program..
but tonight I decided to try something different..
I wanted to try going to the gym because there was child care.. people who would particularly watch my children while I raised my endorphins and got in shape.. I loved the thought of that I must say so myself
When I got there I was hoping just to try it out, I had printed the guest pass for 3 days for free off online and they sent me directly to a membership expert who knew what to do to try and talk me into joining.. I was shocked to learn there were NO specials.. I would have to join at the same price every one else paid..
That was totally fine, because at this point I really wanted this.. I wanted to invest in myself… also, I NEEDed this time away for myself to recuperate after a long day of work..
I had my first tour of the gym and all that would be available to me for a small fee of 35 bucks a month, plus 20.00 a month for my kids.. Yup, it was going to cost me.. but I had to be willing to atleast try this.
I saw all the equipment, I saw all the people and all the children and the beautiful salt water pool which was kept at 80 year round and I saw that beautiful jazzucci and I was sold.. You mean I could use this any day of the year, I had all the classes I could want, and it would all be available, no extra fees, anytime I wanted.. I was on it!
Tonight I tried a cycling class for the first time.. it was GREAT! I can not express what I felt as the endorphins ran through my body, I was part of a class, a whole class… filled with other people who had a goal of healthy lifestyles as much as I did.. Now, granted some of these people were just setting New Years Resolutions and would fall off by next month.. But I was determined I would not be one of those people I would not be canceling next month.. I would go forward with this.. because it was doing the one thing that drove me.. Getting in shape..
All day at work my shoulder had been bothering me I thought if I worked out it would hurt worst but I felt Absolutely Great All Over, it was amazing! I felt absolutely NO Pain!
except that which came from my legs and thighs absolutely burning and my heart rate up really high it was good for me and good to me!

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