Don’t despise the birthright


When I saw this picture, I almost burst into laughter, cute isn’t it.. a little cat holding up the hands, in a sense throwing in the towel.. Giving up had become so ramped in our culture.. We see it all the time, CEO’s making 6 figures jumping off of empire state buildings.. Yes, we see it all around the world, mother’s killing their children and visa versa… In one way or another we are all tempted to give up or know or have read about someone who has given up and sometimes for the most craziest reasons that would have passed with time. 
This is why I believe we are never to judge our whole lives by one season… Move around if you must, but never, without a shadow of a doubt I say this… never give up.. Our suicide rate is staggering..

Nevertheless I want to take you to a story today about Esau and Jacob.. Picture it with me if You will.. they are sitting at the kitchen table, Esau came in from hunting, having a taste for the open fields, and he meets Jacob well fed inside who has no need of food, while he is starving and for one meal.. One day.. he despised, gave up what was rightly supposed to be his, he wasn’t coerced, he wasn’t forced, he freely gave it up! Wonder how many of us are on the brink of that in one area or another.. God gave us a promise that’s rightly ours, but we forfeit it everyday to people who don’t really deserve to receive our blessing..

Think about it!

Lord, help us experience all You have for us and not find ourselves crying later screaming.. Don’t you have another blessing for me Father!






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