The Promise we should all know by heart

There is a verse of Scripture I would like to dig deep into with you today. It has tugged at my heart for quite awhile and I pray that it will offer you a great deal of hope on today!

Romans 8:28

Imagine, there was a green card! It was a special card you could pull out in the midst of your worst experiences, bad health, bad relationships, bad experience on your job, with your money at your school… whatever the case may be… imagine there was one card you could pull out and it’s no lottery thing where you have to hope and pray it works, no it always works without fail..This card is a promise that always works and it will never expire!

When we leave the country normally we need something called a passport to grant us access into another country we need a green card to be able to stay! It grants permanent residence..

This promise granted that no matter where we are because of what the Lord has done through Jesus Christ if we are in Him..We can know something!

“And we know that in all things, God works for the good, of those who love Him, and are the called according to His purposes!”

Now if you look closely at the verse it is a promise.. And it is only for certain people, it is not for everyone.. I’m sorry but an atheist can not claim this, neither can a buddhist. It can not be claimed by an agnostic… Only those who love Him.. The promise is that ALL THINGS! It doesn’t matter what the thing is, or how bad the thing looks, even if you make a mistake as we all do.. God has promised to work it together… not for His good…. but for the good of the One Who Loves Him!This is tremendous because don’t we all want to hear this and believe this in every circumstance. Doesn’t it give you security, doesn’t it give you hope, doesn’t it help you to see things from a different perspective..

What if it you were lonely and the thing you wanted most was a mate as you saw everyone else getting married and you said This is not working, but I say, He promised, trust Him, it’s working..

What if your in a marriage that seems like it was a fluke from the beginning and it may have already ended in divorce and you began to say to yourself.. There’s no way this is working.. I’m raising these kids alone.. But I can promise you from His word… it’s working…

What if you got a bad report and your body is wracked with pain, and you say to yourself the quality of my life is greatly diminished and it’s my own fault I could have and should have done this this and that.. but I will still take you back to this verse and ask you the key question.. “Do you love the Lord?” It’s working for you baby! in my New Orleans voice..

I don’t care what it is.. Or how it looks this promise is good for it.. It still works it.. I know that it may not look like it and it may not feel like it at all.. but there are some things we can know even though we can often times say… “I don’t know” We can began to quote the things we do.. Like.. “And I KNOW that even in this … He’s working for my good, And I know that I can do all things through Christ that Gives me Strength…

And I know that I am more than a conqueror through Christ. And I know that He is faithful and He will never fail me. And I know that even if you mistreated me and hurt me.. It’s still working.. Oh I don’t doubt.. For He is not a man that He should lie, neither is He the Son of man that He would change His mind.. I know He knows the plans He has toward me, they are good and not evil, to give me an expected end.. The Lord is still great and greatly to be praised and He’s working it out for my good! There was a song I learned when I was in my pregnancy with Benjamin and I was all alone, I was riding in my car when I learned …it was by Kurt Carr, and It said…”If I tell God about my problems He’ll work it out for me..”
Even in this season I hear that song so strong in my heart and know that He’s working it out, for my good.. And that’s a promise!


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