Into the holy of Holies!

Today I want to talk about something people of God rarely think about and the world never thinks about!

For the time I want to come from the book of Esther as an example in preparing for her night with the king.
The king no doubt held her future in his hands, she could either become his queen or be sent back to the streets as a peasant, in one night she could become royalty, or she could remain a commoner..

When we step into the holy of holies I want you to know we never come out a commoner and we can never be a peasant again! When we grace the presence of our King the Lord, something amazing happens… We are changed forever, just as Moses when he went into the presence came out with a glowing face.. who wouldn’t want that.. going beyond the veil is what I’m talking about..

It wasn’t about asking anything of Him.. It wasn’t about going in with your hands opened for what you can get.. While all the other maidens were thinking.. Let’s get all we can because in case the king sends us away at least we get to keep all this exquisite jewelry.. No, now it’s about if I don’t get in.. I don’t have life.. so to prepare me.. Hegai… Tell me what He likes.. Tell me what He wants.. Tell me the fragrances He likes.. I can’t afford to miss this..

People in our day are so familiar in their eyes with the presence of God.. We want to make it what we want it to be.. We want the Lord to be this God who accepts us just as we are when we have already been chosen but He says no, I want my scent on you.. I want to see something of humility and not pride. I can imagine she was not all dolled up when she went in but she wore one simple piece of jewelry and he loved her because she sought His heart more than what He could offer..
Each day we have an option to step out of this worlds mindset and into the holy of holies.. We can close ourselves off in our prayer closet or restroom and meet with Him.. We can set ourselves right with Him by repenting of our sins and offering Him true worship from our hearts and prayers that don’t hit the ceiling but prayers of intercession not only for others but the Holy Spirit… touching His heart in ways that HE knows our heart is broken by what breaks His!
About a week ago I had some senagelese twist put in my hair.. Yes, they came out very pretty, and I sat 6 hours to get them in.. when those ladies were done with that I looked in the mirror at myself and said.. “Boy do I look good, I’m going to turn heads, all those people I wanted to notice me, well, now they will all the more” and at work I was flooded with compliments from both males and females who just thought my hair was gorgeous and they freely expressed it.. But there was something wrong.. Even though I could turn the heads of many who saw me and I was getting all the attention for others.. I had to change my view and my perspective from wanting my husband to notice me.. That man is gone, and he has shown me time after time he doesn’t want me.. well except for some occasional weekly sex and whose opposing to that.. we are still married on paper, why would I not want to have his attention and make him notice what he lost..

The motive was wrong.. I should have been looking in the mirror saying to myself.. “GOD do I look good to You” Like Esther as she prepared for her night with the king.. She prepared to enter into His courts, it didn’t matter what she thought about herself let along what the other women thought of her or what she thought of it.. It was all about.. But what does the KING LIKE! What does He want.. What is His favorite color I will wear it, for a moment in His favor, what fragrance does He like.. I am not going in with filthy rags on.. You must know this world and everything in it will definitely pass away, but what will not be shaken is my faith and when it has been tested I don’t want it to be in my husband wanting me or the people on my job liking the way I dressed or my make up.. Lord let it be You they see, let it be the glow from being in the presence of the Holy of Holies!


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