The Rabble…

Today I want to talk about a very important subject.. The company you and I keep! There’s a saying that goes: “Birds of a feather flock together!” Or what about: “Show me your friends and I’ll show you who you are” that’s one my mama used a lot.. There is however a verse that says “bad company corrupts good character” Are we on board with that.. We could be perfectly even tempered people, patient and kind to others, but when we hang around people who are always impatient, unkind and unloving we start to see their reasoning and after awhile while we thought we would change them, we hang around them long enough that they changed us!
Now this is a very difficult truth but it is real. Why do you think some parents go to such great lengths to get their children into good schools, more than likely children who have parents who were smart enough to live in a nicer neighborhood probably don’t quite think like those who live in poverty and what happens with our mentalities, normally they are passed down to our children, even unknowingly!

Yesterday morning I read something in Exodus 12 that jumped out at me, even again today! It was that as God had bought about a great deliverance from Egypt for the children of Israel and had allowed them to totally plunder the Egyptians, something was still happening here that causes a great deal of tension later..
Ex. 12:38 A rabble of non-Israelites went with them..
Just from first look what do you think will happen with this.. Oh sure it’s okay to take other people with us when we are on the come up.. But let’s look deeper into what the word rabble means..

Rabble means the lower-thans, the rabble is the people who cause a lot of commotion.. Ever had people like that around you, always starting stuff particularly the word rabble means a group of people regarded with contempt..

So in other words I’m moving out of the hood into the suburban rural neighborhood but I’m gonna take some of my old neighbors with me.. The one’s who were loud and rowdy and dont have the same mindset as I do.. what do you think will happen????

Well, that’s exactly what happened here in the book of Numbers we can see some of the outcome…Num 11:4 “Some of the rabble began to crave the food from Egypt.. and again the Israelites started wailing” bringing about the anger of God! And who started all this mess.. The Rabble!

Let me tell you something, it is very important who you allow yourself to be influenced by, it’s not okay to live daily communing with only those who are lower in faith than you are.. It’s sometimes good to encourage and strengthen them.. but you know sometimes it’s good to know when to hold and when to fold.. It’s time for some of us to hold our tongue around the rabble because they won’t do anything but encourage us to become a stench in the nostrils of God..


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