Studying Joseph’s Life!

Genesis 50:19-20 “And Joseph said to them, Fear not; for am I in the place of God? {Vengeance is HIS not mine.} As for you, you thought evil against me, but God meant it for good to bring about that many people should be kept alive, as they are today.”

This one verse leaped off the page at me as I read today, because I considered that years earlier his brothers did not fear him at all.. they hated him and were jealous of him and in fact threw him into a pit because he obtained his fathers love. Joseph was first hated only because he was loved… and of course he opened his mouth about a dream he had..

Then of course he was sold into slavery for 30 pieces of silver.. $5-10.00 in our time.. They hated him so much they said to themselves with evil intent.. “Now let’s see what will become of those stupid dreams that we will bow down to him” Now they find themselves afraid of him in fulfillment of that same dream several times over…

It always amazes me to ponder the story of Joseph because he had the dream so many years earlier, and while he thought it would happen right away, it did not come without tremendous struggle.. Yes, Joseph was not only thrown into a pit which providentially had no water, he was pulled out and sold into slavery where the favor of God remained on him so much so that not only did his brothers hate him, so did the wife of the Potiphar at the time he served… after being entrusted everything thinking somehow this was linked to the fulfillment of the dream he was doing good… but something else tragic happens.. She lies on him.. and while he’s sitting in prison without freedom at all.. as if he had any as a slave as it were.. She’s getting her nails done.. Then of course he is forgotten by the prisoners who were with him and what’s the man to do now!

I finally got it when he told his brothers.. It wasn’t you who put me here. Vengeance belongs to the Lord.. I will leave to Him to make right whatever was wrong in the intention of your hearts… but whatever that was, it certainly served His purpose..
This was a wowing moment for me because it was worded as if even the bad things that were allowed to happened to him were allowed by God because he had the dream.. I was wowed because God would have the audacity to show Joseph such a powerful dream them take him through such hell to build his character before he could attain it and when he got to it, not be bitter at the one’s who saw to it that the evil things happened.. I never heard anything about him doing some devious thing to that woman when he got out because he was in control, I’m sure she heard about him after he was master of Pharoahs house.. Wonder what thoughts crossed her mind and what fear she felt them.. Such a powerful man to come from such a low place.. And his life inspires me because toward the end when he had the opportunity to get back at his brothers and he got this letter they had made up he wept, showing his response was sincere.. He really had no malice of heart toward them, although they intentionally meant to KILL him.. What a ministry to my heart Joseph is today!


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