Turning Difficulty into Desperate prayers!

I don’t think the worst thing in life is to die, but it is to die having never lived!

At the end of my days I want to say I was wasted, poured out for Christ and not myself. I want to have all the people around me whom I ministered to, and helped in some way, even if it were just a hug they needed on a specific day or a word of encouragement to help them get over a hurt they felt, or leading them into an eternal salvation that would last forever!
At the end of my days I want to say that I was a mother, not that I gave my children up to be a good mother.. You know there are mother’s that say that.. Through the good and the  bad I want it to be said of me that I was committed and on my tombstone, I want there to be a sign that says.. Kevilyn- daughter of God- mother- wife- and friend!  I want to leave a legacy that sticks.. and be known for my good decisions, not my bad one’s…

As I began to read this morning about the Children of Israel, I’m getting view of a blotch in their journey. On their way to the promised land.. I am seeing that they get an unexpected blow. The New Pharoah doesn’t know they have never been slaves, his people were. He hasn’t gotten wind of what happened when Joseph was around so, he’s ruthless, he’s mean, he’s oppressive and cruel.. all because he feels threatened at their number..

Ever had any one feel threatened by you, for only one reason.. Your blessed! You never even said a word to them.. In this segment of scripture the bible does not say that Israel sinned, it does not say that they had wronged the Egyptians in any way, just plainly put.. They were blessed and highly favored and that got them hated! Sort of like the story of Joseph, David and countless others who can relate!
When the Pharoah decides he will put them into slavery because “they might fight against him” amazingly we hear nothing from the children of Israel.. The bible still doesn’t give them a commentary.. They seem to be following along, as the midwives are even told to kill their children.. if they happened to be cursed enough to have a boy.. well they had to watch him be put in the river and killed since the midwives wouldn’t do the work.. Talk about a sad story.. However I believe something was happening as they silently endured all this.. I believe they were desperately praying for in only chapter 2 God allows Moses to be born for one purpose.. To be their deliverer.. No doubt this slavery went on for 430 years, generations had grown up in this, and it was what they were used to, but God said something that hit a vein… “I heard their cry to me for help”

Who cried out to God when they were being mistreated and abused… He heard you and He’s got news.. He’s coming down to see about you, to deliver you and to bring you out from under those that oppress you!


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