God’s Encounter with Moses!

This intrigued me so much I could not pass up the opportunity to write about this.. I was reading about an encounter the God of the universe had with a man..A man who was sovereignly purposed by God!

The very saving of Moses in the water was miraculous in it’s own way.. out of all the baby boys that were dying in that same river, Moses lived.. When he has killed someone, and is on the backside of the desert, all his palace training meant nothing.. Ever been in a position where nothing you’ve learned in the past seems to apply! No palace etiquette would help out there.. He had to learn how to live a whole new way.. and this training in the wilderness… it would also be part of Moses’ destiny!

Tonight, I’m really feeling it.. The whole single parent stuff.. It seems like nothing I’ve learned in co-parenting together with my husband helps.. It’s almost as if I have to be both mother and father and teacher and leader, and friend every thing else.. It’s very hard and sometimes I feel like I’m being smothered to death.. I have to rely on the fact that even this is preparation.. training for something greater!

But Moses.. he had no clue what was happening.. He had made a new life for himself, had some boys.. and then God decided… It was time to reveal Moses’ purpose…. at 80 years old.. Really Lord?

Well, when He decides to appear to Moses He could have just spoke to him up on that mountain he would be very familiar with much later.. but he spoke through a burning bush.. Amazingly, when God saw that Moses went to see what it was.. He began to speak.. When we come away from the normalcy in life and desire to gaze upon what God is doing in the midst of it all.. it is there that He sees that we want to hear from Him and He speaks!
When He speaks, what are His first words.. Take Off Your Shoes, Your standing on Holy Ground!
How deep is that really! The first thing God does when we come into His presence is tell us.. Take off your past, I don’t need to hear all your complaining about where you’ve come from and how’d you get where you are.. My plan trumps all that.. Just take it off and leave it here.. You will no longer need to carry the places you have been in the presence of God! When God tells him this He wants him and us to realize that whenever God decides to have an encounter with anyone it will be life changing.. God had seen some stuff and this was the whole purpose for Moses being born.. Amazingly, his wife Zipporah didn’t see it, his father in law didn’t see it, even his mother didn’t have the fullness of a clue.. His brother and sister even questioned him at some point.. But God knew all along and it seems like at this point He was the only one who knew.. Whenever I need to find out God’s plan for me.. I never go to my friends, family or surroundings, I go directly to the Mountain of God where I meet with Him. I leave my low place here on earth and rise to a heavenly perspective where I see only Him and nothing and no one else and it is there I take off all I’ve been talk and He imparts to me all I should have!

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