Fully Convinced, or easily Convinced!

Well, the pope has resigned… Now the country is on the prowl.. Everyone is shocked.. This is the first time a pope would step down. Having gone to one of those catholic churches down in North Dallas near the museums I was convinced it was one of the most beautiful places in the world.. all that beautiful architecture reminded me of the beautiful churches I went to in New Orleans as a young girl… The father, carries himself in such a way that everyone respects him even if they are not a catholic or a christian at all, because there is something about what he carries that is to be respected and he accepts only the title.. “father” No one calls him by a first name.. accept maybe his family! When I consider this I consider how strong the faith of such a person has to be, they can not falter at all ever.. They can’t have a bad moment.. They are supposed to always have a kind and gentle word, never have I seen a pope or a father come out of his persona of peace and goodwill toward all man.. How amazing is that..I often wonder if all christians could be so convinced that they took the view of life that the pope did..

Then I had to ask myself is it all real??
I was reading this morning again in Exodus 4-5 and it was amazing that it took God all that to prove to Moses He was who He said He was… and of course He is… the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob and when we come into His presence it is best to cover our faces for He is the Holy One No one can look upon and LIVE to see another day!

Well, when I think of Moses after this first encounter with the Israelites, having Aaron do those 3 miracles and the people believe.. They are convinced the NLT says.. So now, Moses is convinced and so are the people, after a long dialogue with God, talking face to face like a friend.. God is so awesome, in that He would initiate a relationship with a human being and then want that man to go initiate relationship with Him with thousands upon thousands of others.. The Lord wants more than anything else for us to worship and serve Him and whenever we celebrate may it always be in His name!
When I look at this at the very end of Ex. 4… I’m happy, it’s good everyone is believing/ convinced.. but then the time comes to approach Pharoah and although they have a word from God saying he wouldn’t listen it’s still pretty hard to accept because God did not add that he would also get so angry that he would make things harder for the Israelites.. Now that was the part they didn’t expect.. And as soon as things got hard.. All their faith turned to water.. they doubted Moses and Aaron, but most of all they doubted God.. even after the miracles.. While God had initiated a great and beautiful relationship with them, calling Himself their Father, they could not perceive that if He were their Father, in fact He was… Having the power to deliver them.. He would leave them in such a state as they were..

I was amazed that by the end of the chapter Pharoah seemed to have gotten what he wanted for the most part.. they were easily convinced again that Pharoah had the power.. power to make their lives a living hell, to oppress them by making them kill their own sons, afflict them by making them build towers, now without bricks..  Making them suffer with beatings because of unreasonable demands.. Life was hard.. and who could believe that God wanted to bring them out when now at this point things looked like this.. 

Even Moses went back to God and listen to his conversation with Him… “Why have You mistreated these people. Why have you done this!” You see Moses himself was questioning why God had even sent him, if He would only allow things to get worst when He said they should have been headed toward the wilderness to have a feast by that time.. Amazingly, God was still real, He was still good, He had still planned a great deliverance.. And it would still work out exactly like He said.. Just in His time.. Could they remain fully convinced that He did speak to them and He would do it.. or would they be easily convinced otherwise to falter in what they had began to believe.. Let’s be faithfilled and not faithless believers!

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