Sink or Swim

The children of Israel coming out of Egypt..

At first I wanted to dig deeper into the woman at the well with her internal needs, but no sooner than later did I realize she related directly to what I had been studying this past week..

I have been looking at the come up of Israel as I consider it.. I am floored at the great deliverance God bought about for them.. I mean it was Him, there was no doubt.. He was making distinctions in most of the plagues to let them know they were His and the Egyptians were the objects of His wrath.. And when they were given instructions on what it would take for their deliverance to come to past, I was astounded that God was not just saying… Ok, So I’m the great deliverer, I’m coming to snatch you out of this slavery, it’s all me, none you!

You don’t have to do anything but let me take you out of this.. Well, He gave them commands to get a lamb a year old, without defect.. Yes, He was very specific on how they were to eat their food and even down to the detail of the clothes they were supposed to wear.. He had made the Egyptians favorably disposed to them, but they would have to ask the Egyptians, it was not like they were standing out side their doors handing them stuff.. This is absolutely amazing to me and I think it is worth the ponder..
Imagine an overweight person, or a person in an abusive relationship.. It’s one thing for God to make a way for you not to put the harmful food in your house, it’s quite another for you to change your mind about the food.. so then the problem is not the food, it’s much deeper, it’s how you think about the food.. 

It was a sink or swim situation.. I will be honest.. If I had seen the person who was enslaving me, imprisoning me, oppressing me drowned in the red sea there would be no way I could possibly fix my lips to say I was going back there.. for I would understand, there is literally nothing to go back to!

Pharoah was dead and the enemy sank, because God had already decided He favored the children of Israel enough to call them His own firstborn son.. This makes me think of Jesus the only begotten Son, how beautiful is the picture of a Father loving His children.. this isn’t just I’m in a bad situation and I have to swim my way through.. this is walking through a sea… on dry ground.. this is watching someone come behind you in that same sea and getting drowned.. Let me tell you at that point they should have been convinced that God was on their side..

Moses sang a beautiful song to the effect of their deliverance and Miriam danced.. I could imagine it was a great show.. Then Test #1 came… Uh Oh! The only problem is nobody knew it was a test.. No one knew that they were looking for water for 3 days and it was all a test, no one knew that when they came to the water at Marah and it was bitter and their childrne were dying of thirst.. it was all a test.. It is said that you can go without water a lot less time than you can go without food, seeing the body is made up primarily of water.. This is absolutely amazing to me, because I think of God/Jesus/ the Holy Spirit as the living Water.. I think this is beautiful in it’s picture form and wish  i could graphically paint all the visions I am seeing about all that this story entails.. It speaks volumes of where I am right now.. In this season of my life.. Sink or Swim.. that’s where they were at that brook, God was well able to make the bitter water turn sweet just as much as He was able to make 12 springs and 70 palm trees appear in the desert.. isn’t that amazing, we serve a God that can turn a desert experience into an oasis if we pass the test.. He will give us test we are supposed to be prepared for but He will not give us warning of when they are, He gives what they used to call “pop quizzes” you show up at school and BAM! There it is.. the teacher says… Pop quiz. if you sink or swim is determined by how much you have paid attention and retained of what has been taught.. side bar.. Pass this next test … there’s something on the other side of it!



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