Worshiping at the calf!

This is one of those moments for me.. All sorts of lights are going off in my head and I simply must share this…

Ever wonder what idol worship looks like today?? In our culture? In our society? Of course one would clearly conclude there is absolutely no such thing! We don’t worship calves, (small bulls) and baals and all that other stuff.. NO! We are good..Right?

Well, as I studied Ex. 32-34 I was absolutely astounded.. To walk through all this would take hours, cause there is so much I strongly feel on this..

Firstly, the children of Israel, the one’s He had chosen and called His own, the one’s He had delivered from slavery at this point and had bought out to bring in to a beautiful spacious land of their own.. He had taken them from being owned to being owners.. It was never God’s will or intention to harm them.. He had been nothing but good to them.. As they saw all the plagues and the Red Sea open.. I’m setting the stage here. God appears to them on Mount Sinai in a cloud and scares them half way to death and they tell Moses.. We will obey, whatever He says.. God has already given them all 10 of the commandments they are to follow if they don’t want Him to bring about the things He did to Egypt on them..

Well, Moses is up on the mountain a little bit too long.. It’s been 39 days for goodness sakes.. where is this fellow? What happens when we don’t sense the presence of God or the person who normally led us into His presence for over a month.. Do we have a tendency to ask for God.. and crave and desire and seek Him… or start looking for another..
You know we use so many things to fill us.. Worshiping at the calf is just that.. the thing they molded together and made their deliverer and peace when God was that all the time.. You using a johnny come lately acting as if it’s  been there all the time.. Awe, you know what I’m talking about.. you use the alcoholic DRINKS, until your intoxicated with something other than Him because you don’t seek for Him to fill you but something other.. The high you get from the drugs, is what you run to instead of the High of HIS presence.. His presence is beautiful and I found that in Ex. 33 that’s what Moses ran to. Moses was furious, but before he went back up that mountain to meet with God he made sure he took care of the situation and had exacted judgment on the people.. God had not told him to do anything he had done with he got down there, we just know if we ever plan to go back into the presence of God that sin issue in our lives has to get right!
These people had held a feast and offered offerings to this god.. This calf symbolizing where they had come from when they were in the world.. Don’t we have the tendency to gravitate back to what we came from.. Calf worship was known not only in Egypt, but in Canaan.. So they were doing what the people were doing around them.. isn’t it so easy to fall into the way the world does things.. Just go and have sex with that man.. forget he’s not your husband.. her husband won’t care if you sleep with her.. they swing.. Oh My! It’s just ridiculous.. We live together before we are married and wonder why the ring doesn’t come.. You see our culture has idolized people, places and things.. and we have made stuff our calves that should never have been.. Build your hopes on things eternal.. I think I could go all day on this because I want to go into how they had gotten the gold rings from Egypt when God allowed them to plunder them as they came out and I wanted to talk about how something God chose to bless us with we use to serve something or someone else.. Whew, I wanted to get into the jewelry God told them to take off at the end of ch 33 while he decided what to do with them representing repentance.. We need a call back to repentance.. I mean true repentance.. We repent for a moment, then go right back to lusting and living the same way.. When Moses burned that calf he grounded it and made them drink it with water, it was so serious that he sent the levites through the camp to kill thousands of them and the Lord still sent a plague.. You see how serious this calf worship is to Him.. UGhhhh I have Sooooo much more, but this blog is so long, I will do a continuation.. on what that represents and how God chooses grace when Moses see’s His glory! This is so much to share.. I can’t give it all to you in less than an hour of writing… and I type fast!


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