Dog Vs. Cat

This afternoon, I went to pick up my little one’s from the prep school they are in this week, at daddy’s and we went for a quick little ride to the SPCA! I was so excited about it, but I had my rules for them.

I informed them as we were leaving that we would only be able to get an animal if they could both agree on it.
My son said he wanted a dog and my daughter said she wanted a cat.. I said.. Ok, well since there’s no agreement we can only look at the dogs.. They were not happy with that.. So with tears in her eyes, immediately my little princess said she would cave and get the dog..

I sort of felt sorry for her because I really made it seem as though I was on my son’s side and most of the time when I give ultimatums like this she is the one who caves… hardly ever my son!

We were off to the SPCA when we began to talk about the pros and cons of owning a cat or a dog..

My first question was… Sweet pea… What do cats do most? She said they jump on things.. I said yes, and they like milk, and I love cereal, what do you think the cats will do if we decide to sit at the table and eat cereal? She said: “Jump on it” I said yes, probably so.. You see the only thing with a cat is, you can not train it and it will not come when you call it, it may take a message and come later and rarely responds to name, only whistles if that..

So I began to explain to them how loyal dogs can be, as well as cats, but I think I was really stereotyping here because I mentioned nothing bad about owning a dog.. I only talked about the strong smell of the urine a cat produces and how we have friends whose houses we go to and I am actually afraid to eat from them because their cats, literally are allowed to lick the food.. I find it very difficult to eat at people’s houses who have cats for that reason and one other.. The Smell!! It wreaks.. I’m sorry, I know most cats don’t smell, just their litter box.. they clean themselves.. right..
But I had just told my children not 2 full weeks ago that we would be able to get a dog only when my daughter was 7 and here it was she is still only 5..

Why did I decide to get the dog today? Well, firstly, a few months ago I told myself that if the divorce actually went through.. I told myself that if my ex-husband actually went through with it, I would get a pet as companionship for myself and my children.. We have been through quite a bit and yes we have had puppies in the past but this time I was hoping to get a dog that was a little older, not too old otherwise they would be senile and of no use, but old enough to be potty trained, and house broken, before we bought him..
Well, I had not thought that at animal shelters they really don’t know if the dog is house broken or not… if they picked it up off the streets..
When I began to explain to my children about the dog, I was really thinking in my mind, we don’t need a very small dog, this time I want a medium sized dog.. Do you see how I manipulated things there… Yup, I got exactly what I wanted but they chose it!
Yes! Lord forgive me for that!
The first dog they saw we all liked and it was already adopted, the second one they saw was very depressed and would not be touched or even play with anyone.. the 3rd one was a charm.. This one was ready for action.. We had seen puppies and I had told them no.. Why do those seem like the most adorable one’s right?? Well, this one was okay, it was the size I had wanted.. You know I was sizing them up!

When the man had explained to me that the dog was about a year old and he looked to be a pretty good size.. the first thing I thought of was my children’s first words… “We agree on this one mama” They agreed while my head was turned talking to the man about the other dog.. When I heard that.. I knew we had to give it a try.. That was the deal breaker for me.. I want more than anything for my children to walk in agreement.

When they said that I asked for them to pet this dog.. It didn’t matter at that point if it were a girl or a boy, it only mattered that they agreed … and it was not a baby puppy and it was the size I wanted..LOL!

When we took this one outside, I began to ask questions.. First I was told it was a boy, and we were happy with that.. we were told he was a stray and confined when they rescued him and that he had only been there a week so there was no way they could tell if he had been housebroken or not!

Well, low and behold he was great with the kids, and we all loved him, he was very active even came over to play with me.. Grabbed my hand with his mouth and would not bite down.. the whole time we were here this dog did not bark.. not even once..

I was amazed that all the bigger dogs were barking around him and he seemed so afraid more than wanting to bark and play back with them.. I got the feeling he had been trained not to be aggressive, which was good and my kids liked him.. They immediately said they wanted him……

Well, when we got into the center again, I took note that the man did not know as much about the dog as he had lead on he was just flirting with me..

He was a She! The dog was a girl and he had spent all that time trying to convince us it was better to get a boy than a girl because of them being in heat.. although because I was having her spayed today, that would not even be a question..

My kids were already sold on that dog already and so was I.. I had even accepted her without a total green light that she was housebroken, although when I saw her squat instead of lift her leg to use the restroom I had my first clue.. I thought it was a girl..

We adopted our 3rd dog today.. we had 2 puppies that were Yorkies.. and they were both hard to manage for me, as a stay at home mom, because of the training process.. this time we have an older and bigger dog.. My last complaint was that my children did not know how to handle dogs.. this time.. They will have to learn.. As the night draws to a close I look forward to the moment I get to go back and pick her up with both excitement and anxiety.. I know I won’t be feeling this one week from now, but it’s funny the things life can bring!

I’m excited about what a day brings.. Today I got 4 new tires on my car and had my inspection done.. I am so proud of myself for everything I accomplished it’s been a long day and now it’s time for bed… Whoopi! 

If anyone has any tips on how to ease some of the anxiety for me and Kiara.. My daughter named her as we were purchasing her.. and we all agreed.. They are out this week at their daddy’s they won’t see her again until Sunday.. I will see her Wednesday and have her until Sunday here by myself.. I will need much prayer and patience and to be well prepared!

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