Born with Value!

In today’s society it’s very hard to say that we put any form of value on man.. We do all sorts of things to our brothers and sisters in the human race, we cuss them out, calling them out of their names and misuse and abuse them.. We treat them with contempt and hold grudges, rob each other, are jealous of each other.. We spend out time planning out how we will step on one another to get that next position, or that parking spot or that seat at the nurses station.. It’s all about who has the paper.. If you don’t have letters behind your name that say some alphabets.. or in front of your name.. Well, you have no value.. God forbid your elderly, crippled or retarded or just an infant.. In our society you are a liability.. You have absolutely no value, other wise, how are there are many divorces, explain that.. we don’t value each other..
I am going through a divorce and tomorrow will make a complete WEEK! That’s right I’m newly divorced and I didn’t want it.. Every one around me is engaged and getting married and I have to sit back and watch and smile for them maybe even buy them gift or dance for them.. While inside I’m hurting and I’m worn and torn and there are so many cracks and tares because I need to be healed.. But that’s not how you operate, you celebrate with those that celebrate not become jealous, envious or hateful..
Let me tell you this.. If we had more value for each other we would see a lot more get done.. Men would not degrade women in songs and visa versa.. I have never heard such crap for music in all my life..
There we are again, worshiping at the calf, and the worst thing of it is.. Our women have become so used to this that it’s okay and all they care about if you have enough money to make them thrill!

You see, the value system is not what it should be.. I will put it in the words of Max Lucado who is without a doubt still to this day my favorite writer..

“It’s as if someone broke into a retail store and stole nothing, they just changed the tags on everything” So everyone that comes into the store purchases the most expensive stuff at the cheapest rate..and the stuff worth nothing, we sell it for millions!
I know, that’s not popular words of inspiration in this society and this blog may not get many reads, but I know this is true..
When I was born there was value God placed in me.. value enough to know that He loves me and that’s all that will matter on my dying day.. You see we all leave this earth some day and unless we have fire insurance we will not like the place we are going.

I think of the man on the cross… You know him.. Not Jesus.. The Crook who stood next to him.. Do you remember him now.. there was one crook, who stood throwing/ hurling insults like stones at Jesus and Jesus had no reply for him… because he was just like the others at the foot of the cross but there were those few… like his mother, and John the Mary’s and Salome who were there because they loved Him and they wanted Him to be set free… and those like.. the crook hanging next to Him.. Wait a moment, the Crook standing next to Him?? Not only did Jesus say to the Father to forgive those who were at His foot throwing insults at Him like stones and how many of us know how bad words can hurt.. I don’t care what you say that saying ain’t right.. “Sticks and stones, may break my bones, but words will never hurt me” The devil is a lie.. watch what you say because words do penetrate and played over and thought about enough, words can be the very demise of a person..

You know Jesus told God to sincerely forgive these people who are cussing Him out and calling Him out of His name.. And then there’s the one next to Him who actually deserves death.. Yet he finally finds the one he should have prayed to all along, and what does he do??? He prays…

He asked Jesus in so many words.. “Holla at me later when you get there a’ight” Jesus says to him.. “I got ya bro”

I got ya.. Requested granted.. What are you crazy Jesus.. This man is on his way out.. there’s no way he can do anything for You.. He can’t save the people like the women who was otherwise labeled a “Slut” at the well, whom You forgave and never called out of her name.. he can’t even do what Mary Madgelene with all those demons did.. No, this man was out for the count.. he had nothing to offer Jesus.. Yet, just because He was sincere enough to ask.. Jesus did it!
What a mighty awesome wonderful God we serve.. Because I have been there, I’ve been called out of my name, I’ve been mistreated and abused..
I know this has absolutely nothing to do with it, but yesterday I got a dog.. My princess named her Kiara.. Yes, I wanted to name her princess, but she’s not a small dog, she’s not a lap dog and she can not be held easily.. although she would love to.. I bought her from the shelter, and I have yet to hear her bark.. I wonder what kind of a past she came from, some things scare her so much it makes me afraid to think of what she had been through.. Everything I do scares her.. if I take out my belt to wear to work she runs away.. If I iron my clothes she runs away from the iron.. I wonder how she was mistreated and what was done.. When we were driving on the bridge to come home yesterday she looked out the window at the road and was afraid.. I wondered about those people left out at the side of the road.. I wondered about those people who are rejected.. neglected, abused and let down so many times.. it’s hard to trust again!

It’s hard when you whence at the thought of someone maybe possibly hurting you! Because you’ve been hurt before.. But Jesus looked at this man and saw what had caused him to be a crook and that is the part that got to me.. that is the part that almost made me cry.. He could still yet look at me, with my tears and broken heart and even if I could never give Him anything back, no strings attached, He won’t call me out of my name, He won’t devalue me.. He won’t degrade me.. He won’t make me feel like I am less than…He will love me and accept me… Isn’t that amazing to digest!


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