When God sends Help!

This Resurrection Celebration season it is amazing how things have not changed much than what they were in Jesus’ day.. We still have the people who love to read their bible and quote scriptures putting a heavy burden on others they themselves are not willing to carry.. We still have people preaching without prayer and fasting therefore seeing no miracles, signs or wonders.. We still live in a world where there’s someone with 7 demons right up the street and the prostitute may possibly be our neighbor.. Yet, what is the point of all this.. Why even consider all of it, if there is nothing we can do about it.. The people next door will still need a Savior in the next house I move to just like they did in the last house..

Just as God sent Jesus the Christ, to save the lost, He so uses His Son who lives in us and is also with us to save souls.. His commission was His commission to us! We are to do what He did.. That prostitute next door, He called us to not sit down and shake our heads in dismay but to tell her something about Jesus, even if she doesn’t listen, our job is to plant the seed.. We say what can we do about the person with them 7 demons.. they need to stay as far away from me as possible… yet who knows, it could be that God has raised you and I for a time such as this and sent us to be the help they needed and has opened their heart but if we are not obedient to love and reach out to them we miss why Jesus came, bled and died completely.. this is the life more abundantly we can give to others!


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