A Consumer Driven Society!

Today, we are living in a perilous age.. An age where anything goes, as long as it sounds good, looks good or feels good..
As I was driving home last night I realized that my car charger for my phone had gone out and I needed to go to the store that sold me the phone and provides my service to buy another one..

Amazingly, as I walked in the door I had one agenda.. Buy the phone and maybe a new cover. I have been one who has loved having new phones.. I have went from Huawii Ascend Smart phone from Gravity 2, to Samsung Admire and now I sport a hefty… Samsung Attain.. I think it’s the greatest by the way.. The phone does everything I want it to do.. It let’s me download all the apps I want and listen to sermons or whatever I want.. To me it is by far the best phone I have ever had.. but of course we know there’s always better.. Like Standley Johnson in the Lending tree commercial back in 2011… We are a society prone to influence of others..

The hispanic lady began to try to convince me to buy a Samsung Galaxy 3… By the way that phone is 500.00… Talk about consumer driver.. I began to ask her..
“What’s the difference between this phone and the one I have now?” She said well, you can stream Youtube videos, netflix movies.. all sorts of things, even have a better camera and more space.. Only thing was I had no need for more of anything she mentioned so she began to tell me how we live in a society where every one wants everything fast, these phones are super fast.. If I could just buy one I would see what she meant and by the way she pointed out how she had one and she began to show me how “Beautifully it works” Just look at the size of the screen on this baby, look how fast it takes you from screen to screen and you can get in and out of apps like nothing.. This that and the other she went on and on to try and convince me yet the more she talked the more I thought to myself, the minute I drive off in my car with this car it begins to depreciate and in about another year no one even talks about this phone anymore.. it’s a fad… it’s in now, but trust me.. it will be out very soon!

As I stood there I began to ask her..”Did you pay 500.00 for this phone?? She said yes! I said; “and do you think that was a …. Wise decision??” She said yes! I said “well, I am a newly divorced woman, with 2 children to take care of and plenty of bills to pay.”. She said well, I work hard so I figure I deserve it. you only live once you know!! I thought to myself that is the biggest load of crock I ever heard.. i asked her if she thought that money could have gone on something more productive like a car note.. rent.. Savings even, helping someone else.. food.. A couple of light bills.. She said well, you know all of that other stuff is taken care of.. I said, yes that’s a luxury you have, maybe you have a husband at home.?? She said no, I’m a single mom of one.. and I understand… I thought to myself, You have got to be kidding me.. This is how far we have fallen, we make excuses for ridiculous purchases and wonder why we go without, wonder why our needs are not met, wonder why our country is in debt.. It’s because of people who shrug off purchases like this.. it’s because of people who simply say.. “You only live once why not do it big!” 

Isn’t it that way even in the churches we visit today…. It’s about competition a lot of the time.. forget about winning souls to Christ, whose got the biggest building, whose got the best child care programs.. To my knowledge none of this was found in the new testament church.. they met from house to house, just eating together discussing the goodness of the Lord.. it was not about who had the biggest church and how well this one entertained.. Today, it’s about how big our jumbo tran screens are… It’s word preached but it’s no power.. 
Tonight my son began to tell me that he wanted a phone.. His own cell phone.. at 7 years old.. it starts early, because it’s all over the television, it starts early, the more the child sees it and how cool it is, the more they feel like it is something they need and must have.. It’s an uphill battle when you buy one ipad and as soon as you bring it home there’s another one which they claim is 100 times better and you just have to have it.. We can justify it right.. We work hard, and because of that why not buy it.. as long as we can pay with cash right.. 
I will be the first to admit.. I have an ipad, a kindle fire and a smartphone.. I will admit I’m a bit of a tech freak.. I love the newest thing.. But today, there was a line drawn.. Don’t you get it.. it starts here.. then the next thing we know we are not thankful for the 3 bedroom 2 bathroom house we live in.. no we need a better neighborhood.. then once we get that there’s a need for more space.. 
The other day at work I was talking to an RN, he’s in school to become a radiology tech and I asked him why?? He explained he believes their job is so much easier than his and well.. that’s all that matters having an easier job.. There is no way in the world I’m going to school studying as hard as an RN has to study, taking that hard test and passing that exam only later to say.. “This job is to hard” We have become an ungrateful people and the more we consume the more we want to consume for the eyes are never satisfied seemingly, how sad is that.. 
I think it’s very sad that we consume more than we produce that we work jobs we choose to find no pleasure in then we pacify ourselves with things we think will satisfy but even the 3500 square feet house can’t give you peace of mind.. the biggest prettiest bedroom and most expensive pair of shoes can’t help you when it comes down to being healed or set free from your greed problem.. 

Let it be known.. There is nothing wrong with things, but when it becomes a pursuit for more and more and not being satisfied with what we have it gets back.. It all goes back to standing in the phone shop today, with a phone in my hand.. A Smart phone.. I love… contemplating buying another phone just because..”Everyone else has it” and “It’s cute” Ridiculous theology!


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